Marijuana Discussion Breathalyzers and Edibles

Marijuana breathalyzers and the impending crackdown by law enforcement on driving stoned is looked at with independent journalist Thor Benson. Benson explains how THC breathalyzer testing is more reliable than blood testing and gives his take on if and when we should expect to see THC breathalyzers on the road. Finally, we explore the current state and uncertain future of legal weed in the US, in this uncensored Lip News interview hosted by Jo Ankier.

Thor Benson is a traveling writer, currently located in Los Angeles, Calif. Benson was born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He wrote his first novel in San Juan, Puerto Rico and got back into freelance journalism when he moved to Portland, Ore. in 2011. He has been in Los Angeles since the middle of 2014. Benson has had his short stories featured in magazines/websites like: Tin House, Citizen Brooklyn, Black Heart Magazine, Empirical Magazine, The Conium Review and FictionBrigade. His journalism has been featured in: The Atlantic, Wired, Rolling Stone, Slate, Vice, The New Republic, The Verge, Fast Company, The Daily Beast, Truthdig and elsewhere.