Lab Grown Bones?

(NaturalNews) Tens of millions of people break bones every year, and many of those who do wind up with life-changing, chronic injuries. What would it be like if an injured person could simply replace a bone that, say, had been crushed and was largely irreparable?

Well, we may be on the cusp of that technology, thanks to an Israeli firm that has developed a way to grow bones in the lab that can be transplanted into a human.

As reported by Reuters, the biotech firm, Bonus Biogroup, may soon offer lab-grown, semi-liquid bone grafts after research and testing — including injecting the material into the jaws of 11 people to repair bone loss in an early stage clinical trial.

The materials were grown in a lab using each patient’s own fat cells, then were injected into voids of problematic bones, thus filling them. Over the course of the next few months, the substance hardened and then merged with existing bone to complete the jaw, the company said.

The announcement was made in recent days in the form of a statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Further, the biotech company will be presenting its results at the International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Spain, Reuters reported.

Bonus Biogroup said it has raised $14 million in funding, adding that the company plans to dual list on Nasdaq early in 2017.

‘Next we’re going to try it with long bones’

“For the first time worldwide, reconstruction of deficient or damaged bone tissue is achievable by growing viable human bone graft in a laboratory, and transplanting it back to the patient in a minimally invasive surgery via injection,” Shai Meretzki, the company’s CEO, said.

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