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screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-26-04-amUsually it takes people a few months to reflect on the question i send… for some odd reason. Well Tai aka DragonFlyYogi aka The Dark Yogi didnt waste anytime to get introspective. We met back in time and have stayed connected through social media etc. When she raised her hand to participate in the Yogi Selects Series for this year …. I instantly went to her page and developed some questions based on what I saw and read.

If self preservation is law how does yoga help you stay “legal”?
Self Preservation is the first rule of nature. To survive. Yoga helps manage the dualistic nature that is human vs. animal/reptilian brain thought processing so that I’m not in a constant state of “survival” but stimulates a morescreen-shot-2017-01-03-at-11-46-24-pm internal homeostasis-like environment from within. Long story short, Self Preservation is SURVIVAL mode, while yoga calms the beast inside (ego) and says you are SAFE to live.. Yoga is how I preserve the self, via spirit, peacefully, which could never be ILLegal..

 Is there any reason why you have taken on the new name ” the dark yogi” ?

I found myself in the last two years of being a certified yoga instructor not being able to fit inside this facade of “Love & light” style yoga. It just didn’t fit me. Im more attracted to shadows, hidden things in plain sight, the side of things people try to hide behind smiles & that token phrase “Love & light.” I’m mostly “dark” and that’s the light… That’s the love side of me. When i finally got To this place of acknowledging & embracing that im not this “happy go-lucky 24/7” projection being fed to the masses of what a “yogi” is.. I had no choice but to carve my own lane. Plus I see things better at night. lol

The most chill I’ve felt in a loooong time… hope you can feel me.. #communingwithnature #gratitude

 In which ways can yoga help you tap deeper into occult science and practices?
Yoga slows the heart rate. I can hear spirit better. Just like Fear & love cannot exist peacefully in the same space, neither can the occult & fear. Which is ironic because the vast majority of the black community fears the one thing that can free then. I face my fears on the mat, through the occult is where I found love & compassion for all.


What symbolism does the dragonfly represent for you?

During a transition from following the ‘conscious community’ to following Self a few years back, a Dragonfly followed me into my very introductory Capoeira class. Long story short, we googled Dragonfly Totems, I began to cry, then purge right there in front of strangers and well.. That’s the short version of why the Dragonfly?

What would you say is the most beneficial aspect of Kemetic yoga in comparison to other styles of yoga?
screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-11-38-amYou know, I tried other styles/genres of yoga but they just didn’t work for me. Similar to church as a youth. I remember trying to get into the whole falling out on cue with the organ player, believing what my elders told me was God’s law/will but.. It just didn’t “click” for me. The Unitarian Universalist church was more my speed but I still had questions that couldn’t be answered in what was already written in a book… revised who knows how many times. And with Kemetic Yoga, it just clicked. Like literally, a light just “clicked” inside my heart and all the answers I sought started pouring from within.

Which do you prefer and why? , quick physical progress or gradual mental improvement ?
Ahh, the mind is ALL, the universe is mental.- Brother Panic taught me that lol What im saying is, without evolution of the mind, how is the body going to follow? I know I answered your question with a question but Gradual mental improvements are this yogis preference.

What do you trust most about your practice?

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-13-37-amThat at some point, another blockage will be removed. Thus opening another door for me I just knew didn’t exist. I trust the process mostly. Which in turn teaches me that it’s finally safe to Trust myself.


“Some pose look easier than they are”… True so what issues has your practice help you deal with that you may have once saw as too difficult?
Supported handstands.. I’ve never really had issues with flexibility, but inversions? HA!! I was in a car accident in 2010 that tore ligaments in my neck. And in class when it was my turn to even ATTEMPT the pose, I broke down crying. Anxiety, fear.. every screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-28-30-amemotion I had back in 2010, came flooding back in Kemetic Yoga Teacher training 2015. I then dedicated a good year or so perfecting that pose & now I’m addicted to going even further!!! That car accident had me afraid to drive for awhile let balance my weight on what was perceived to be the top of my head. It taught me it’s all about technique, execution all in coordination with the breath. Straight up.

 Have you had any yoga related lucid dreams or mystical meditations experiences that you can’t quite explain? 

Not yet. Majority of my mystical/miraculous/supernatural experiences happen on the ground everyday around me. Or maybe I’m just too grounded. Hmm… lol we’ll see soon enough I’m sure.

Is there anything that you would like to share with the readers of infocus247.com

Dark Yoga is how I found my light. Which required nothing but will, patience & introspection. Introspection & will were the ‘easy.’ But patience? lol Although we battle daily, patience always win. I look forward to the lessons it, patience, teaches me. Thank you for this.

Anytime! If you would like to learn more about Tai and stay connected visit her website www.TheDragonflyAffect.com and follow her on Instagram 



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