Yogi Selects x Alee_inwonderland

Every now and then you may come across a genuine person in the midst of online madness! That person happens to be Alee_Inwonderland! I’m glad we were able to bring her some questions that revealed even more about how her practice has helped improve the quality of her life plus more!

When did you first discover yoga and what was one thing you had to grow to love about it? 

I first discovered yoga in 2013, I was super stressed at work and needed something to help me deal with the stress. I started with a Vinyasa yoga dvd and pretty much fell in love with how my body felt after practice and how clear my mind was. screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-3-33-32-am I’ve been practicing ever since.  One thing I had to grow to love about yoga was the areas that weren’t accessible to me yet, like arm balances and challenging inversions. But after my initial frustration working towards those challenging poses, the progress is really what keeps me motivated in my practice.

What do you feel is the most uncontrollable aspect of your yoga practice? 

The most uncontrollable aspect of of my yoga practice is time, some days I don’t have as much time as I would like to dedicate to my practice or I am just exhausted and go to sleep instead. So I guess, life lol but I try to incorporate it as much as possible, even in 15 minute doses if I can.


Who inspires you to keep going every day and continue to practice yoga? 


There are a lot of people that inspire me daily, Davina, @yogawithdavina, is a yogi that I have been following since the beginning of my yoga journey.  She has always been so open, positive, honest and real about her practice that it made me feel more comfortable sharing my practice and she inspires me to love my body more and challenge myself. She really is amazing!

I noticed your often traveling.. How has practicing yoga helped you throughout your journey? 

Lately I have been traveling a lot more than usual. In August I moved to Beijing and I’ve been very lucky to have access to travel a lot more on this side of the world.  Practicing yoga has really helped me to ground myself and be open and accepting of all the changes: good and bad.  It has had such ascreen-shot-2017-01-04-at-3-32-57-am positive impact on me mentally and spiritually, I think I would be a lot different without it.  I used to worry constantly and live in a state of stressed-out, which is not a great place to be, but it felt pretty normal.  Yoga has really helped me to be more open, to stay present and to stop trying to control everything. That’s where a lot of stress and worry was coming from, wanting everything to go how I thought it should instead of accepting people and situations as they were.  So traveling with that mentality would not make for a very enjoyable experience.  I really try to take it all in and enjoy each moment I have, to be present and more appreciative.


Did you ever see yourself doing yoga and traveling the world when you were younger? if so or not .. Why? 

I did not really see myself doing yoga when I was younger, I cheered all through school growing up and worked out, so fitness has always been a part of my life, but I think I looked at yoga as just stretching. It was something that rich people or stay at home moms did during the day, terrible I know, but I didn’t know anyone that looked like me practicing yoga. So it wasn’t something screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-3-47-15-amI expected to be such a big part of my life.  I always enjoyed traveling, and once I was in college I had the opportunity to spend a few summers abroad and it really lit a fire inside of me.  Once I started yoga in my mid-twenties, combining traveling and yoga has kind of been a distant dream of mine, so now I feel a lot closer to it.

Have you had any yoga dreams or meditation experiences that you find hard to explain? If so feel free to share

I have felt a lot of emotional release through yoga, at times coming to tears and just letting everything flow out. I sometimes hold a lot of emotions inside and and yoga has been a really positive release for me. Holding things inside is another area that I’ve been working on since I began my practice. I remember one instance very clearly, I was in pigeon pose and just breathing and lying forward in the pose and I just felt so much release and I just cried and cried and my mind felt much more clear and I was able to be more honest with myself afterwards.  I always feel very at peace and positive once I finish practice and meditation, it is like a weight gets lifted.


Can specific eating habits make it harder to practice yoga or does it even matter? 

I try to eat healthy, I don’t eat a lot of meat especially pork or beef, mostly turkey, chicken, and fish.  It has been more difficult to eat how I would like to since I moved to China.  I wouldn’t say I am a health nut, but eating fruits and vegetables is important to me because it gives me energy that I need and it is beneficial to my practice. The healthier I am, the better my body feels and works. I do really love pizza though, lol so yoga after a lot of pizza yoga doesn’t really go well haha.  I usually don’t eat a lot before a practice though, some poses with a full stomach don’t feel great.

Finish this sentence…. Without yoga I probably would be _____

Without yoga I probably would be experiencing life much differently, not appreciating each moment and experience fully.

What did you gain and lose by choosing to practice yoga?

I have gained a new perspective screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-3-32-29-amand a lot of personal growth from yoga.  I have learned to love myself more and lost a lot of negative thinking and habits. It has become such a huge part of who am I and and who I am becoming. My yoga journey has opened me up to new opportunities and has shown just how much I am capable of, which is usually more than what I think. It takes time, but it is definitely worth it.

Do you have anything that you would like to share with the dedicated readers of infocus247.com 

I think everyone should try yoga, it is for everyone, all colors, all body types, all income levels. It has a lot of power to transform your mind and life in such a positive way.  You will amaze yourself, it is a beautiful journey that you won’t regret.