The In’s & Outs of Instagram Yoga ???

Now if you don’t know now you might have to learn. If your apart of the instagram yoga community then you know there are certain ways its setup. I will break down observations that Ive picked up on being the watchful eyefocus in the sky.

People have their “clicks” just like highschool, most of the people with large amount of followers are buddy buddy thats just how it works. Its beneficial to share platforms and promotion.  Promotion often comes in the form of “challenges” yeah don’t be fooled lol these “challenges” may consist of what you normally do but they have tag requirements etc etc etc … i’ve used the method as well .. it can be effective!  I’m not on twitter much but from what i hear you have two different twitters, I cant make this stuff up. You have black twitter and white twitter … the stuff white people tweet about and the stuff black people tweet about .. two different worlds apparently. I noticed something similar with some of the  yogis on IG even myself. I stick with my people thats just how I am so the people I reach out to mostly are of african descent. Taking this into consideration I purposely reached out to work with people of other nationalities in the yoga world and to no surprise it seemed like there was this reluctancy to collaborate on videography and photography. I even ran into a few Yogis with “managers”.   At this point I realized  yoga online can be big  business for some people, and that is why they want to protect their brand and do whats best… I get it.  Now on the contrary you have awesome down to earth people on instagram that share their practice just because they would like others to view their progress and help teach. Some people want to share their practice  and make it look good, adding an insightful quote from Rumi is the standard procedure after bussin out a cool pose. The insight and genuine expression from some can get deep but generally its not.  You have to know where to look to find those people and post.  This is one reason I had to create Yogi Selects … I knew people had much more insight to offer than they were sharing via photo + overused quote.  It helped me and as well as other people learn how yoga can be beneficial off and on the mat.  When i think of Do’s and Dont’s Naked yoga is the first thing I think of. Now how you choose to practice is your choice Im all for butt nakedness in all forms but on Instagram their policy doesn’t tolerate nudity. So if you don’t like to see it would probably be best to just unfollow. I noticed some people get flagged and post removed for this very reason. Online Yoga is looked at as a way to be healthy and as an art form of expression but you cant forget about the financial aspect either … it is big business.  They estimate practitioners, and in general people in the Yoga industry to spend  10 – 16 billion spend yearly…. thats Billion with a B. Retreats, Yoga Mats, Yoga Events, Yoga Festivals …. all generate money … thats money with an om.

Don’t shoot the messenger these are simply observations I notice.   After a while I had to step back and give a good look at my intentions for starting infocus247 because my expectations didn’t prepare me for what I learned by becoming apart of the online yoga world.

If this article offends you in any way I will leave you with this quote from Rumi

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. – Rumi 



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  1. Very accurate. Yoga has become a marketable “craft”. Good read would love to see a little Q&A or panel with yogis concerning “this health practice turning into a business”.

    1. Go to YouTube and type in infocus247 panel discussion lol .. Gotcha covered! It’s not solely pertaining the business of yoga but it’s insightful if you would like to watch

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