The HeartBeat Meditation


When I was younger my older cousin Leaf was similar to the memory scientist/creator in the movie Dark City. He would always give me information and books when I was younger that I didn’t quite comprehend fully but I would remember, study and experiment with  it in effort of gaining an understanding. One of the first lessons I was taught was centered around the heart beat. It is the rhythm of your whole body in a sense not just your heart. Start moving faster it picks up pace, breathe deeply in a calming way it will begin to lower in its rate. Blood flows through your entire body correct? This means that you should be able to feel your heart beat anywhere on your body at will.  At the time I was around 15 so the lesson seemed simple enough. Right at that very moment I sat down and tried what he said, to feel my heart beating in different locations. My cousin was always good at explaining things without giving a how to, then walking off.  I think he would always leave a little bit up to me to figure out  guided by intuition.  Once i sat down I remember very lk-6clearly looking at my fingers and then making an attempt to just feel the pulse of my heart in my fingers and it happened just like that. What did it mean at the moment?  I wasn’t sure, I simply learned that I can feel my heart in places other than my chest which was cool but didn’t impress me especially since it was so easy to do.  Later in life 10 + years I’ve found a deeper purpose of this lesson. Where the mind goes energy follows. For sake of simplicity I will use an example almost every one can relate to.  An orgasm is a moment of high energy generation and release if you choose. The energy within male builds up and escapes through the genitals but this does not have to be the case. Similar to feeling your heart beat in different places in your body you can also take that same “orgasmic energy” and feel it in other places of your body rather than releasing it via ejaculation. Practice feeling your heartbeat throughout your body to build your focus to redirecting energy where you would like it to be.  To tie yoga in, it helps you become more aware of your body, and have relaxed muscles which also helps energy flow efficiently.