Candid Photos 101

3 Important Guidelines for Capturing Awesome Candid Photos


Candid photography has become very popular, as more people are searching for these types of images for both their personal and business needs. Taking a photo that exemplifies completely natural emotions is quite hard. But, with a bit of creativity, knowledge, experience, and dedication, in time, taking these types of photos will become a bit easier.

These are some tips that you could use to improve your candid photos.

Always have a camera on you


In order to take great candid photos for your stock photo collection, it is best to keep your DSLR by your side at all times. There are millions of situations in which a photo would look incredible, yet if you are without a camera, it remains only in your memory, without being captured.

For example, imagine taking a walk through a park, and you see a couple of happy children on a swing smiling. That is a perfect candid photography setting you could have captured it. Too bad you actually left the camera at home.

Start carrying it wherever you go. You will find a ton of opportunities to take excellent photos, full of emotions.

Take walks more often

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-8-54-30-amOh, the weather is nice outside, yet you are still stuck in your bed. That is not the way a true photographer lives. Whenever you have free time, simply step out of your home and start taking photos on every corner. Great candid images come from hundreds of photographs.

Take a walk downtown, step away from a coffee shop and start taking photos of people laughing, talking and sharing. Capture their emotions and the connection they are experiencing. This is what makes a perfect candid photo.

A great place for taking amazing photos are parks, downtown events, and other places such as river sides. In fact, all the places where you can find a lot of people going about their way will do. Don’t be afraid of low light situations, as you can always send those photos to professional editors and have them edited in Photoshop.

Always rely on long zoom lenses

One of the main problems that appear in candid photography is the noticeable acting by the people in the photo. The main reason for this lies in the fact that people see that you are pointing the camera in their direction. This makes them freeze and behave unnaturally.

A great solution to this problem is to use long zoom lenses. It is going to grant you the opportunity to shoot photos without people seeing you. This will help you capture those natural looks, smiles and emotions which candid photography is all about.

Another trick you could use is to shoot from your hips. People will not notice that you are taking a photo of them and you are getting a completely different perspective.

These guidelines are going to give you the opportunity to take better candid photos. Simply turn on your creativity and consider all the fun places where a lot of people gather. You will see how natural the people in photos are going to look.

To find more tips and advice similar to this you can easily google how to take better candid photos.

Source – smartphotoeditors