Yogi Selects: TheEbonyYogini

With a new surge of energy I put the word out I was reigniting Yogi Selects! TheEbonyYogini didn’t waste any time to reach out and let me know she was up for a few questions. A few days later and walaaaa! Check out what she had to share about her practice below.

How can yoga make you uncomfortable and can that be a good thing? If so why?

I came to the physical aspect of yoga as a means of healing an injury. When I started I was incapable of doing many things that I had previously been able to do and it brought me discomfort being physically limited. Yet the spiritual aspect allowed me to find contentment in my current state.screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-11-34-57-am There was also a time where as I was learning about the internal aspects of yoga where I was unsure about if I was able to become unattached or always live in the current moment. I had held onto the concepts of “success”, progress, and planning so much that letting those things go scared me. In a way it still does. I feel as though discomfort is always grounds for growth which is good. It shows me how I can extend yourself a bit further and maybe even surprise myself with what I may have never envisioned.

What was your perspective on yoga before you began practicing?

Yoga to me was stretching and breathing. My first time practicing was when I was 16 so I didn’t have much of an opinion on the practice at the time. It was something from my first class that made me feel powerful and centered. I liked that feeling and I wanted to maintain it.


Singing bowls often help you tune into specific tones would you like to share your experiences and are they helpful to your yoga practice?

The first time I experienced a singing bowl was after a community class where someone had volunteered to share it with us. When he begun I felt like I had left my body on the ground and I was carried away into this vortex. I literally almost tipped over because I felt so ethereal. It was so magical to me. From that point I wanted my students and others that I practice with to have that experience. It’s so uplifting and unifying.screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-11-33-57-am

If you were to select one aspect of your practice that helps your mind and another that helps your heart… What would those two aspects be and why?

Vinyasa (movement) is really what helps my mind. It forces me to hone in on my body and it’s movements…it’s honestly what lends to my clarity the most.

Pranayama (breath) is what contributes to my emotional wellness. Ifscreen-shot-2017-01-10-at-11-33-33-am I am feeling like my emotions are all over I will walk away and breath whether it be ujjayi breath or alternate nostril breathing it helps me center. After I finish I am more than likely smiling with one hand on my chest and one hand on my belly. 🤗

Can yoga help you create physical and mental space for you self? Elaborate on how it has for you…

Yoga has taught me it’s okay to step back from things that are of no service to me. It has taught me that I do not have to tolerate being squelched or confined, that I am allowed to breath and be silent and be powerful in my space. By guiding me to the understanding that self-love is one of the greatest forms of love it has helped me in creating those spaces where I can love myself the most.


I came across your post commenting on your handwriting.. I’m into handwriting analysis and there is much to learn from how one writes… What could we learn from watching how you practice yoga?

One could learn that vinyasa is nuanced in practice…sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s static and sometimes it’s dynamic. One would also learn that breath is of the utmost importance in all situations. One could also learn that yoga is beyond a studio and a mat, it is in the way you move through this world and how you interact with all other living things.

Sessions with music or without music… Any specific reason to why?

That depends on the vibe and the day. My whole yoga training was done with no music so I value spaces where breath and noise are the soundtrack. It’s very organic but I know it makes some people uncomfortable. Yet I also teach classes such as Trap Yoga or Soulga where the primary focus is the music. I feel like it can certainly contribute to lifting vibes and spirits when used effectively.


Have you had any yoga related dreams or mystical experiences? If so feel free to share

I would say being carried away by singing bowls and the first time I delved into breathwork would be my mystical moments. It’s the ethereal feel they evoke from within that makes me treasure them so much. No dreams though… that I can recall!

How have you grown/progressed mentally and physically from when you first began yoga to now?

My body became a temple to me after I began practicing, not because I read it somewhere. Yoga allowed me to love myself in so many ways and want to share that love with others.


Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of infocus247.com?

Your practice gives you what you give to it.




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