The Huma Aura and Science of The Auric Body 2

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The Soul of Man and It’s Body; “What is the Auric Body?”

1. Spirit, Within the Original Potential, Expressed Itself • i. Spirit, “A Divine Spark of God”

• ii. Spirit, “Unmanifested Part of the Original Potential”

• iii. Spirit, “Endless Potential of Power”

• iv. Spirit, “The Real Self of Man’s Existence”

• v. Spirit, “The I Am that Gives Manifested Life to the I (Soul)

• vi. Soul, “The Manifested Body of the Spirit”

2. From Spirit’s Expression Came Its Manifested Body Called Soul

• i. Soul, “The Unmanifested and Manifested

• ii. Soul, “The Life-Seed from the Original Potential (Spirit)

• iii. Soul, “The Revealer of the Bindu (the All-Knowledge Space)

• iv. Soul, “The Manipulator of Creative Shakti Power

• v. Soul, “The Creator of the Auric Body (Magnetic Fields of Mind and Shakti Power that Builds Consciousness)

• vi. Soul, “Its Primary Body, the Auric Body

3. What is the Human Aura?

• i. A Divine Matrix of Magnetic Fields of Substances

• ii. Components of the Magnetic Fields of Substances • a. The Presence of the Bindu within the Chakras • b. The Chakra System • c. The Brahma Nadi and the Sushumna Nadi • d. The Power of Kundalini and Four States of Sound (Nada)

• e. The Nadi System (A Flow of Thin Lines of Subtle Energies)

• f. The Chakra Petals (Bijas)

• g. The Tattvic Rays

• h. The Chita, a flow of Universal Mind Substance

• i. A Flow of Nada (Supreme Subtle Sound)

• j. The Mahabhutas (Cosmic Subtle Elements)

• k. The Five Major Pranas

• iii. Subtle Atmosphere of Karmic Pressures

• i. The Original Tattvic Rays

• ii. The Original Samskaras

• iii. The Original Expressed Lights of Aura

4. What is the Radium Quality of the Human Aura?

• A. Layers of the Original Radium Quality

• B. Layers of Previous Thoughts and Actions Radium Quality

• C. Layers of Available Energies Radium Quality

• D. Layers of the Thought-Forms Radium Quality

• E. Layers of the Present-Actions Radium Quality

• F. Karmic Signature Layers of the Radium Quality

5. The Nucleus of the Human Aura

• A. The Soul of Man

• B. The Bindu – The Primary Point of Consciousness

• C. The Brahma Nadi within the Sushumna Nadi

• D. The 3 and 1/2 Knot (The Power of Kundalini)

6. The Nadis and the Aura

• A. Chakra, Nadis, and Aura

• B. Nadi Knots and Aura

• C. Thought-Forms and the Aura

7. Energy Formation of the Aura

• A. Chakra Levels of Kundalini

• B. The Eight Dhatus

• C. The Tattvic Rays

• D. The Central Location of the Mahabhutas within the Aura

• E. The Five Pranas Formation within the Aura

8. The Mental Aspects, Etheric Aspects, Astral Aspects, and Physical Aspect of the Human Aura

• A. The Soul, Nada, and Samskaras of the Aura

• B. The Vortex Centers That Feds the Aura

9. Karmic Law and the Aura

10.Controlling the Aura with the Eight Limbs of Yoga

11. The Spiritual Growth of the Aura through Lifetimes of Yoga Practice