Be Metaphysical – Eye Wide Shut

This is the way I gauge attention plus awareness while sparking up the minds eye.

I will start with awareness, your focus can sway between many thoughts, feelings and physical sensation like itches in meditation. I use mudras as a way to gauge my awareness. Ill focus on the two points mental and physical. When I drift into focusing Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.49.22 AMmore on mental/thoughts etc I will tend to lose awareness of my body. The Mudra awareness gauge, I will form my hands into a Mudra and meditate. After a few minutes I will bring my awareness back to my hands and attempt to feel what position they are in and most of the time I can not gauge which position my fingers are in, Both hands seem to feel like one. I like to use this as physical /mental anchor and gauge. Mudras also have their benefits of redirecting energy through specific paths/channels.


Sight, ever been looking for something and realize you have overlooked everything else you weren’t focused on? Or be looking directly at an object or person, drift off in thought then have to re focus your sight. The eyes will focus on what your mind sets out to see. Most of the time when I closed my eyes in the past it would simply be darkness but now I use my eyes as if they are open even when the lids are closed. This is key in developing an “inner vision” that is just as accurate and observant as your “outer vision”. A test you can perform daily is looking around then closing your eyes and attempting to mentally describe/paint what your surroundings are. This will build up your memory and inner vision. Vision is your mind processing light, it also has the ability to process sound. Using the pineal gland it is possible to process sound into sight. The basics would be seeing with eyes closed as if they were open.

I’m always open to feedback practice and let me know if this method is efficient for you. Peace