SoulfulVoyage Art Exhibition

Every now and then I find myself out of the house and last night the sp-1pull of me was art! An artist Shon aka soulfulvoyage was having her first show so I decided I would pull up and pay off a debt… Last year Shon painted a nice size mural on my wall but the video I recorded of it was kinda weak so I said to myself I still owe her one…. With that being said the debt was paid off in full last night.

I pulled up and at first couldnt find a spot but after struggling to parallel park for a minute I settled in a rolled up a spliff before going in the venue …  I was early anyway.  As i’m on the phone looking for the address unknowingly standing right in front of the venue, spliff burning in hand the police roll past….. mental dialouge “fk ..well (looks at spliff) i’m just about done anyway.”  I smoothly drop the spliff and walk up the street… away from the venue. Figuring out I was in the right spot all along I walk back and enter the venue! It was just beginning so I took the time to absorb all the details in the art! Finally was able to see the piece ive been wanting to view in person. At one point the trees and the music hit me just right and the feathers looked like they were moving, had the chills for a few seconds. I definitely zoned out and if I had 500.00 to put toward that experience I would! sp-25


For the most part it was fun I ran into some familiar faces. Bri.Simpson and her twin little sisters. We spoke briefly about past and current travel plans. I managed to sneak up on Cbrooks havent seen her since that little get together she had at her spot, had me freestyling, painting and drinking! It was definitely a pleasure catching up with her and making waterfall plans! She was hiding last year but this year Im going to get her wet, locs and all!

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