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I loaded up IG and began scrolling down my timeline…  I came across someone sharing an experience specifically a video describing how a Kundalini awakening feels. Im always open to hearing first hand experiences so I found her perspective interesting and wanted to learn more about how deep the tantric rabbit hole can go with Krystal_TantricYogi 

What perceptions or expectations did you have to let go of once you began to dedicate your time to developing your yoga practice?

I didn’t become serious about my personal yoga practice until I acquired some injuries that prevented me from doing things that I felt I was destined to do. screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-12-25-28-pmAs I centered my yoga practice around the intention to heal my body, there were many perceptions I had to let go of, too many to name. The biggest misconception I had to let go was there was no one person or entity that could “save me” or heal me. People, teachers, doctrines, teachings, gods, or goddesses, can help guide me on my journey, but my body is self healing and it is my own body and consciousness that held the key or the map to my destiny and the healing of my mind, body, and soul.

What does it mean to embody the life of a tantrist?

For me, embodying the life of a tantrist is just about being myself. Tantra is not something I read or heard about and decided to try. My most significant injuries were related to an imbalance in my hips. As I used my yoga practice to attempt to heal, I started to have supernatural experiences such as lucid dreams, déjà vu moments, being able to read people through dreams and conversations, and spontaneous moments of wisdom when I was able to connect with others. At some point on my journey, someone suggested that I talk to their mentor when I started to share some of my experiences. Their mentor ended up being a tantra teacher. He was the only person who could explain everything that I had been going through. As a tatnrist I am able to channel my sexual energy to enlighten and heal myself and others. I see sexual energy as sacred and powerful; it is something that is natural, innocent, and when harnessed correctly, can lead to supernatural abilities. Also being that tantra is natural to who I am, the practice of tantra is the most effective way I can make desired changes in my life and those around me.


How much of a role can dreams play in delivering subconscious symbolism to you?

In my experience, dreams have been essential in delivering subconscious symbolism to me. Growing up under the Christian faith, I had no previous knowledge of yoga, ancestral history, metaphysics, or ancient teachings. Although this was the case, my dreams continuously referenced things that I was not taught such as the sun having purifying rays, a “heavenly mother,” screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-12-26-46-pmsettings in space, living in an alternate time and universe, or sea animals with supernatural abilities. These things were not impressed upon my conscious mind through books or movies; it was as if they came out of nowhere and left me searching for answers. As I started to search, I would have life experiences that confirmed that my dreams had true significance, meaning, and were guiding me. My dreams became and still are a compass, filter, and one way my ancestors communicate with me on my journey in life.

As you stated ” Tantra most basic meaning is to weave” How can that definition apply to your everyday life and also apply to the metaphysical application of raising and moving your “kundalini energy”?

As I stated before, being a tantrist for me, is just about being who am completely. I embrace my sexual energy in a way that is very natural daily. That could mean something as simple as adding rolling and sensual movements to my asana practice or allowing my intuition lead me to have a heart to heart conversation with a stranger who’s soul I can hear crying out. It is about living more intuitively day to day and as I grow, heal, and evolve through my earthly experiences, I apply it to my already existing life which includes everyday responsibilities of being an adult living in this world as a wife, mother, sister, teacher, etc.screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-12-27-10-pm Because I am constantly seeking to make everyday opportunities as a way to develop my spirit, I am constantly “weaving” the metaphysical with the physical. In my experience, raising Kundalini has been more about the process of learning, experiencing, and understanding unconditional love for myself and others. As I freed myself of misconceptions, inhibitions, and practiced self acceptance, I have been able to face my fears and clear a path for the Kundalini energy to rise towards divinity.

If you could paint a picture of the afterlife or your version of heaven how would it look?

If I could paint a picture of heaven, I would visualize space as we see it when we look in the sky and or the pictures we see when we study astrology. I see a dark sky among bright stars, suns, moons, planets, dark matter and alternate universes. I have dreamt of walking through different spiritual realms often. In those dreams every place looked different. Some places were in space as we see and know them on earth. Some places are bright with lots of white light and temples. Some places look exactly as they do on earth with tall building and houses. So I have determined that “heaven” or the afterlife could possibly look many different ways depending on where I am at the moment and what I have learned in this lifetime that will allow me see and create as I gain more access to my subconscious mind. I picture a place that is ever expansive with several different settings in light and dark, peaceful and challenging but nothing too specific.

If there was one animal that symbolized how you feel after an intense yoga session what would it be and why?

I don’t know if I have ever felt like a particular animal after an intense yoga session, but animals have been very significant on my spiritual journey. When I trained for marathons, I use to run for long periods of time alone with no music. I ran through the mountains of east Tennessee and some deer started to run a long side me in a near screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-12-28-47-pmby meadow. I use to hop over snakes on trails, which I was told was a sign of good luck. I would dream of running a trail where animals would stir in the brush while I ran by, and I could see them shape shifting into different animals. A few months later I would run a trail and recognize that same trail from my dream and could hear animals stirring in the brush when I ran by. I’ve had dreams of dolphins pruning me when I was swimming regularly. I’ve also witnessed birds circling my house and flying straight into my window and landing on my doorstep for me to find them. I believe these animals were ancestors working to get my attention, relay specific messages, and encourage me in a specific direction.

Practice with or without music + why? and who is your go to soul singer?

I love to practice with music. As a tantrist, music that stirs Shakti and/or sexual energy is important to me and very affective in helping me utilize it to unlock creativity and leads to enlightened moments and deeper understandings. Music that stirs emotion also works with the sacral chakra where the sexual energy resides. Although I find purpose in practicing with music, I also believe there is merit in practicing in silence. Often, I prefer to practice yin in silence because it is the only way I truly practice regular meditation, especially when I hold a pose for 5 minutes or more. I focus more on my breath and letting go of emotions instead of using emotions to stir up memories or tap into sexual energy. I don’t have a particular artist that I enjoy practicing to more than others, but I do love a good love song!


What was your first memory? If you had to create your last memory what would it consist of and how would that help you move beyond the physical realm?

My first memory I have on earth is when I was about 3 or 4 years old spending the night over my mother’s friend’s house while she went to work. My mother’s friend also had a son about my age, we spent lots of time together. That night, we were put in bed together and the t.v. was left on. We both witnessed two adults being intimate on television and tried to imitate their behavior. I use to think the memory was funny and somewhat shameful, but now I see it had great significance because it was my first experience with sexual energy and innocently started me on a tantric path without indulging in dangerous promiscuity. I would hope that my last memory on earth would involve me being surrounded by people I love and who love me. I would hope that regardless of what my last memory is, the life long work I have done as a tantrist would allow for a smooth transition for me into the spirit realm.

Have you developed a specific routine/ritual you do to become aware of the kundalini energy within? For example after a 30 -60 minute yoga session + 30 minutes of Ujjayi breathing during meditation I can feel the energy pulsating/swaying and begin circulating it through microcosmic orbit  etc.. 

I practice Shakti-Pati Tantric guru yoga under my teacher Tafari-sudra Khumbaka. We practice yoni-breathing, cucumber, Full Flowering Peach, and other rituals with specific steps that are designed to ignite Kundalini energy through breath work, chanting, visualization, kegel/flexing, stimulating different screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-12-32-22-pmerogenous zones with use of tantra tools, micro cosmic orbit etc that open up energetic pathways allowing a clear path for the rising of kundalini. I have only practiced this tantra for a year and have only participated in a handful of rituals since I started. I have had a Kundalini awakening, and in all honesty I believe that harnessing the power of Kundalini has just as much to do with purifying the heart as it does with practicing a specific method to stimulate and direct her up the spine. I was having Kundalini experiences before I started practicing tantra and hatha yoga. I believe the desire to experience, practice, and understand true love helped drive my life towards authentic spiritual healing.

What do you feel is the most important lesson you have taken from your practice so far?

The most important lesson I have taken away from my yoga practice thus far is that I am powerful beyond measure. My potential is limitless as long as I am willing to continue to grow and evolve out of love with an intention to heal myself and others. We are all created this way because we are a microcosm of the ever expanding universe. We all have an infinite amount of potential.

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