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Ive been following BohemianHeart for what seems like forever. I always remembered the unique style and look to her photographs. Time has passed and I became intrigued that I knew so little after following for atleast 3 years. My curiousity has led us to another inquisitive moment… this time with BohemianHeart 


Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body” What does your mind often leave home for and how do you find your way back?

Everyday responsibilities like work and household tasks occupy my mind for most of the day. I find my way back home when I practice pranayama, yoga and meditate. Just bringing attention to my breathe and keeping still helps me center myself.

Scrolling through your page and for the first time I see you screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-8-43-18-amdancing! How can dance compliment yoga and vice versa?

Dancing is the body’s way of expressing itself in a free and creative way – similar to how yoga is. It involves discipline, attention to detail, focus and heart. It brings out the emotions from a person. How we are able to move, bend, flex, and dance are all expressions of the body!

What does a bohemian lifestyle consist of and how can that be applied to the way you project love?

I don’t live by conventional rules or practices. I stay authentic to myself every step of the way from the way I dress to the way I lead my life.  Music, arts and literature are a big part of my lifestyle.  I spend lots of time being creative & artistic! I do a lot of little arts and crafts projects around my home.  My latest project has been the courtyard in our house. This has been a fun project designing our little bohemian hangout area with plants, succulents, acquiring crystals, and creating handcrafted décor. For the artwork I used screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-9-07-08-amreclaimed wood for all the fixtures and started to dabble in painting mandalas & making macramé hangings. I love music and whenever I can, I help out in making music with my hubby. I read a lot of books, any kind of books! I connect with nature on the daily, I love to stop and admire the clouds, watch the sunrise/sunset, look at the trees or flowers that I see when I walk. As a bohemian, I propagate love and not hate.

What would you do to deflect negative energy without letting it effect how you feel?

Surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded and positive is the first step towards peace of mind. If there are times when negative energy is inevitable, going with the flow and diffusing whatever the situation might be can encourage more positive thinking, and ultimately feeling. Acknowledge whatever the feeling might be, then let it go.

How does it feel being able to share the passion you have for yoga screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-8-30-06-amwith your daughter?

I look forward to and cherish the times I have with my daughter when we do yoga together. We spend hours doing yoga together whether it be at a “yoga spot” with beautiful art on the walls or just down the street from our house, we get to spend quality time with each other — and 99% of the time we’re giggling about who knows what while the other 1% actually concentrating on yoga.


In one of your post you detail advice from a tree…. If you can I would you to list advice from a waterfall…

You can’t always see what’s to come, just go with the flow, force nothing. Let it happen, trusting that wherever it leads, it’s for the best.

Have you had any mystical or hard to explain experiences during screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-8-29-17-ammeditation or reiki sessions?

When I’m doing reiki energy healing, I feel the energy flow between me and the recipient.  This warm and dynamic energy that fills you up from the inside and the experience is simply incredible and calming at the same time.

Do you have dreams you are uncertain will be manifested if so what is one and where does the doubt stem from?

I’m a very patient individual.  If I have any unrealized dreams that has not manifested, I am optimistic that it will when the time is right.

Do you use mantras or mandalas to help you in meditation? How do they enhance or assist you?

I use the Tingcha to clear the energy around me before I meditate, chant or practice yoga.  Then I use a quartz crystal singing bowl at screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-2-16-17-amthe end of my meditation and practice to soothe the energy that I’ve built around and within me.

Did you ever see your practice evolving into what it has become?

No I did not. Everything that happened to me, happened organically.  Life is full of unexpected surprises and I just go with what the universe has in store for me.


To follow  BohemianHeart and stay updated with insightful post and beautiful photography go to her Instagram page and Enjoy!  Thank you

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