Ras Ben- The Mandela Effect/Baba Ibo Changa- Herbal Sex Tonics for Men/Women

Magnets Crystals and Pyramids

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Tonight’s guests bring a wide spectrum of crystal knowledge and herbal wisdom. First hour is our brother Ras Ben. Teacher, lecturer, workshop facilitator and supplier of top grade gems and crystals. His book, “Rocks of Ages” is a must have, must read for all serious crystal healers.

Next is Baba Ibo Changa. He started as a health conscious vegetarian in 1970 and eventually created several Supreme Creations: (1)  Greens/Beans/Vegetables—GUMBO Vegan Meal, (2) Vegetables Vegan Stir-Fry,  (3) Carrot Tuna Vegetarian Meal,  (4) Soy-Chicken Tuna Meal,  (5) Three Greens Vegetables-Plus Meal, (6) Vegan Salad and Dressing (7) Potent Herbal Cooking Spices,   (8) Fruit Go-Juice, (9) Fruit Smoothieee,   (10) Ginseng&Guarana Roots 50+ Herbal Elixir & Tonic,  (11) Green Spirulina&Chlorella  Plus-12-Herb Elixir,  (12) African Tree-Baobab and Moringa Tonic, (13) Capsuled Powerful Herbs Mix,  (14) Blended Vegetable Juice, (15)   Skin Lotion Mix,  (16) Spiritual Anointing&Amulet Oil Mix.  Ran marathon the Boston Marathon-1982 and many other foot races and I rode my pedal bike two times (1975 & 1980) in the Philadelphia to Atlantic City, and rode a mountain bike to work for 15 years—up and down Broad Street  in the boiling heat (110° – High Humidity), pouring rain, thunderstorms, freezing cold (-10° – Wind Chill) and all in between  (no snow or ice, of course)–and never got sick.

He is a respected and valued volunteer associate at the Dr. Molefi Asante Afrocentric Institute and an esteemed volunteer member of the Dr. Ama Mazama Afrocentricity International Organization.  Authored several articles in Dr. Asante and Dr. Mazama’s Encyclopedia of Black Studies and African Religion.  Also,  consultant and writer with Dr. Ama Mazama and Dr. Molefi Asante’s educational project articles.

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