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We are back once again with an insightful  healer. I follow Gogo Thule and knew there would be an adventure waiting to be read. When I received her response to the questions I felt like i’ve been served a full plate of goodness with desert!  Our paths will cross and videos will be created but until then enjoy the reflections below.

Peace! I hope these questions find you at the right time! 


What is your name and first memory in existence? 

Peace, I’m Gogo Thule Ngane. My first memory that I can recall is nap time the first day of preschool in America. I remember not knowing how to speak english and most of us kids not sleeping but playing and observing each other. I remember feeling excited and adventurous.
How did you come to the path of a Sangoma Priestess and what have you learned on your journey?

The more I think about my story and how my path unfolded the only thing that truly makes sense is divine intervention. Around the end of high school, I started to question everything. I grew up as a regular catholic African girl in the Suburbs of Maryland, with good grades that always listened to her parents. I was labeled the “good girl”. I really didn’t think outside of what I was taught. When a close friend changed religions for some reason I began to struggle with how we even come into choosing our religions, why there were so many to choose from and felt a growing need to know who truly held the TRUTH because screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-12-52-28-amif I was born in another place and time I would probably be a completely different person. I felt a deep need to know the truth for myself regardless of my environment and upbringing. This spiraled into a deep depression, a deep uncovering of veils, and what shamanic traditions call a shamanic illness, which signals that a person has some form of calling to be a healer. I first tried to take my Catholicism seriously. But the more I attended church and bible studies the more I felt lost, filled with more questions, and engulfed with more guilt. I had to find answers that resonated so I began to study all the religions/spiritual concepts I could get a hold of. Universal teachings and Buddhist theories opened up the way for me, especially the concept of the soul, this divine energy that knows who we truly are and our connection to the creator. I wanted to experience this connection and remembrance on a deep level and go beyond reading books and intellectualized spirituality.


I attended my first spiritual retreat, where I experienced a Native American Priestess and sweat lodge for the first time. The earth-based-ness (feeling) of the whole experience drew me in. It felt like home. It felt like I was finally touching something real (the truth). A woman at the retreat connected me with a African Traditional Priestess. I got an ancestral reading from her and heard from my ancestors for the frist time. I immediately started to cry and learned that I come from a lineage of healers and that the torch was being passed on to me. Soon after I underwent an initiation process to become a Sangoma Traditional Healer & Priestess.thulef

What I’ve learned is that there is so much more to African culture than what I was raised with. I’ve learned that the ways of our ancient elevated ancestors can empower us spiritually in ways beyond our imagination, that honoring the earth and the divinities within us brings back so much healing and harmony in our DNA, in our bones, and in our spirits. The ancestors are our guardians, they walk with us always, there is wisdom for them to pass on to us even in the form of spirit. I’ve learned so much and it has given me so much life.

What does it mean to embody the life of a Medicine woman? 

I’m still learning what it means to be a medicine woman. Lately, I feel that embodying her means being okay with dying often. Shedding the negative side of the ego over and over again, purging what no longer serves me, and facing every shadow and fear so that I can be a pure channel for healing & wisdom. To be a medicine woman is to tune into the divine spirits through cultivating a deep relationship with nature, tapping into the spirit realm and being a medium of both worlds, while humbly being of service to the spirits, to the elders, and to the community at large.


What are some of ancient traditions you think would be helpful for society to start picking back up on?

Ceremony is my greatest love and something I see society needs to return to. In ceremony we honor the divine spirits, the ancestors, nature, and all of our guardians, we open up portals to connect, to heal, to remember. We make offerings, we chant, we drum, we invoke the elevated ancestors and divinities, we release, we heal. So much of our society is out of balance, and so much of us are carrying such heaviness in our hearts and bodies, and traditionally ceremony is where all of that was released and harmony with ourselves,screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-9-27-23-am with the divine, and nature is restored. One thing I respect greatly about the Sangoma tradition and African spirituality is that we consult the ancestors and spirits on what is needed, what problems are present, and how to resolve them at its spiritual root. Everything when done with integrity is led by spirit. There isn’t one answer for us all. We are all individual energies with certain needs and ancestral memory running through us. I think we need to pick back up this way of seeing and directing our lives. To rediscover our lineages, and the  practices that resonated with our unique frequencies and ancestors.

One important thing I have realized is that a lot of our practices were channeled by some being. Then man ritualized and organized these practices into certain systems and we have gotten away from tapping into our own inner channel or connecting with the elders/priestesses who still know how to do this. screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-9-24-36-amSo we follow what has been given for a certain time or for a certain group than stop connecting with the spirit realm for more and new ways of living in alignment with the spirit realm. In my world things are always changing and spiraling, my spiritual life is very nonlinear, what connects me one day can be different the next and so I must remain fluid as much as committed. I can’t name too many specific practices because we are all different. Yoga opens up one person up deeply in a way that chanting opens another. My answer is mostly follow your spirit, discover your origins, dig deeper, and go with what taps you into the wisdom in your blood, the cosmos and mama earth.

Words can’t express how I feel up here… If you could paint a portrait of your feelings right now what would the image be of? 

The image would be of a goddess with all of the channels, meridians, and chakras awake, open, and spiraling in all directions. Her face would be smiling in a deep sense of calm, wisdom, and presence. All of the forces around her would be supporting the opening of her channels. She would be connected to all traditions, all practices, all that exists because there is no separation between her the world on a physical and non physical level. 🙂


How has helping others effected your perspective on natural methods of healing?

Helping others has confirmed and strengthened a lot of what I have discovered to be true about healing through natural/holistic/spiritual methods. Natural healing is the way. We have to take care of nature in order to screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-12-51-24-amdiscover our natural selves. We have to use the elements of the earth to heal and remember ourselves. These methods are very much who we are and helping others reconnect with that energy is a coming home that we all deserve. Natural healing brings everything in the mind, the body, and the spirit back into balance. Chemicals and toxins go against our bodies and our true nature. I am in awe at what I and others have been able to accomplish and heal through natural earth-centered practices. Overall natural healing has helped me see that there is an answer to every problem and that absolutely nothing is impossible.

Have you had any life changing dreams if so what was the message/experience?

I’ve had many life changing dreams and messages from the Ancestors in my dream state. One of my favorites was when I was initiating to be a Sangoma. I dreamt that I was at the large gathering/celebration and everyone from my life was seated and present. I greeted a few of them and others danced and performed at the ceremony. The next thing I know this older black man sitting beside me starts using his finger to aggressively poke at the spot in between my eyebrows {third eye}. I was getting annoyed but before I could open my mouth to speak I was shot up into the cosmos and surrounded by stars. I heard this cosmic male like voice but I can’t be sure of what it was. It was one of the few experiences in my life that seemed like I was close to hearing the actual voice of the Creator God energy. So this voice started to tell me about who I truly am. I was given a vision of an ancestor in the middle of a dirt road in Africa. I was also told my mission in this lifetime. This dream confirmed so much for me. Even in the midst of my training/initiation I had doubts about what I was being called to do. This ancestral world was so foreign from what I grew up to know and believe yet something resonated deeply within me. My spiritual path still blows my mind most days but the ancestors have shown and told me many times what I am here to do.

I am here to learn the ways of my ancestors.

Remember the ways of my ancestors.

And live the ways of my ancestors.

I am here to reclaim wisdom and power that was lost for various reasons. There is so much more to this life than this physical experience and my dreams have shown me that time and time again.

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Have you ever experienced trance like states with entheogens? If so feel free to share that experience

Yes, I have had trance like state experiences with and without the use of sacred plant medicines/ceremonies. In one of my most powerful medicine journeys, I spent about an exhausting hour or more (it felt like forever honestly) literally shaking off all the the pain, baggage, trauma, and blocks to my true self. The medicine didn’t let me see exactly where all the blocks came from. I do know that not all of it was mine. But after finally releasing a lot of energy screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-9-34-02-amoff of my body, I remembered myself. I realized how much we walk this earth as zombies simply because we don’t know and have forgotten ourselves. I forgave myself because it was all out of ignorance. Then I fully felt and remembered the earth as my mother. Spiritualist are always talking about our connection the earth and I have felt it many times in small ways but this journey was very meaningful. It humbled me on levels that I can’t describe and the memory was restored on a high level. I communed with the earth mother for a long time and she taught me things I needed to know. She reminded me how important it is to not let anything linger. I realized how much I let life experiences alter who I am. I also felt my higher self as this powerful Kemetic being. I felt the energy of who I am. I now truly know how what I am feels like beyond this body and the story of this lifetime. I honestly felt like I was on the earth for the first time as my self and realized that every thought and feeling about not wanting to be alive was my higher self trying to get out of this false self to birth who I am. I have so much gratitude for being alive and I remembered that even if I forget I {we all} will hit this point again. Awakening is a journey we are on and a destination we will reach many times. I feel like my words right now sound airy but we all feel this sense of lost or disconnect and I feel the plants {amongst many other trance inducing practices} are here to help us remember this connection on a deep level so we can walk this earth less confused, more connected, and full.


What crystals are you currently connected to most? 

Crystals have not called to me as much as I thought they would. Right now I am obsessed with sage, resins, and tobacco. The spirit of sage connected with me as a laughing goddess who cleanses all low vibrations. I felt her deeply and I’ve been obsessed with using herbal smoke for healing.

Which secret of the universe do you wish to learn first? 

This question tickles me. That’s what I’m all about…and I want ALL the secrets…all at once really. I have had to learn the hard way about patience though.

I just recently came out of my Saturn return this past December and I had a major awakening and remembering of who I am. I realized that so much of what I used to perceive as secrets have been revealed to me over the past 6 years. screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-9-39-08-amI feel like I’ve been given so many answers and now it’s about living those answers out. Allowing them to bloom in this post Saturn return season of my life. My greatest desire has always been to learn how to tap into the spirit world and connect with my soul, my guardian spirits or the god like energy. My path as a Sangoma has taught me that and now it’s all about going deeper and deeper because this universe is so vast. The secrets are simple but always evolving.

How can healing practices such as yoga not only be physically beneficial but also mentally?

Healing practices like yoga can allow us to slow down a bit to be fully present in this moment. When we are present screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-12-57-48-amwe can receive higher vibrations/frequencies and hear the answers to our own life’s issues, and release the pains of the past and the illusions of the veil on earth. Healing practices whether they be dance or drumming open us to connect with spirit so mentally we can be free, clear, and in alignment with our purpose.

I have heard of, and have experienced in some ways, people breaking down in a yoga class and releasing old experiences from certain areas of their body which allows them to have a clear thinking and deeper awareness about their experience. Overall, no matter your approach our bodies {mental, physical, emotional, spiritual} are all connected. What you do to one affects the other. There is no separation.

Where do you see yourself and what path will you be on 10 years from now?

Remember that spiral like nonlinear life I described? I never know what is going to happen next. The ancestors are always surprising me and the more I get to know my true self the more I surprise myself. Even with all my prophetic visions this path has taught me to get very comfy with the unknown. I see so many possibilities most of which include being of service to the community and contributing to the consciousness that is rising on the planet.

No matter where I land, I will always follow the guidance of my Amadlozi {elevated ancestors}.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers on infocus247.com ?

Thank you for reading my words…for seeing me. I wish you well on your sacred journey and pray you find what is in alignment with your spirit and earth purpose in this lifetime. Stay inspired. Despite the chaos, life is so worth living.

Gogo Thule Ngane
Sangoma Priestess + Shamanic Healer + Medicine Woman
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