Enjoy the sounds of OSUNLADE…. I was listening to this and a song began that I haven’t heard in about 10 years. It brought back many memories of late night adventures at union square. I can even remember trying to hum the song to people in effort of finding out the title…  I was chasing drummers at the time, filming as much as I could for a documentary and this particular night the cops were getting complaints so they shut the drum circle down. One of the drummers knew of a club we could go to. We went to the club and at that point I realized the camera would be my access to many things in life. Normally I would not be let in a club like this but I had the camera, I was good. This song was the highlight of the night around 1:33:33  If you want to know which song that was.  The best thing about video …. footage of that night below.


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