The Process of Artist Tyrone Geter

Columbia African-American artist Tyrone Geter debuts an all-new series of large-scale charcoal and pastel drawings in this one-person show of approximately two dozen works. Geter’s work is heavily influenced by his mother, who grew up in the early 20th century amid racial discrimination, poverty, and illiteracy. Through her love, compassion, and desire to do the right thing, she passed her legacy on to her children. Geter uses that legacy in his work, saying, “Throughout my career, the human form has been the mechanism that makes it possible for me to speak my truth about my life, my beliefs, and the varied and colorful histories of my people.”
Presented by Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A. ( with additional support from Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Gimarc and the Friends of African American Art and Culture (…).