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We have come back full circle…. seems like a little healthy pressure is getting some of the questionnaires to come home…..  with answers ofcourse. Today we linked up with Yogaplayground, I know him as Eazy. Its ironic because the first time I met Eazy was my attempt at reaching out to people outside of myself to do yoga, the whole purpose of Yogi Selects.  Take sometime out to go on a journey of yoga, crystals, entheogen, dedication and peace with Eazy below!


From knowing you I can tell your truly dedicated… When did you know or find comfort in teaching yoga? 
Haha well thanks man that’s really nice to hear because dedication/ following through is probably one of my biggest struggles!! I really found comfort teaching I’d say about 6-8 months in of teaching yoga classes consistently. I felt like I had the “voice of my teachers” for a while. I would say cues how they would, even the tone didn’t feel like it was mine. I recorded my self teaching a class one day and was like dude wtf this don’t sound like me at all I felt like I screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-8-02-33-amwas trying to give the typical yoga voice all soft and shit and I’m like mmmm nah. So I started embracing what I like and really just being me not this picture of what people say yoga is. I was “lucky” enough to have barely anybody in my classes at first so it was a smooth transition. But it wasn’t until I started just saying fuk it to fulfilling others expectations and embracing how I get down did I really feel like I could own my classes. And yes I curse in my classes too 😅

Why is it important to have fun with your practice?
I don’t believe in doing things that I don’t enjoy. If it doesn’t move your soul then it’s probably not for you and you are forcing it. And from taking / teaching a bunch of classes I noticed how stuck people were to their mat and the “seriousness of yoga.” That’s actually how I came up with my own style aka the yoga playground. First I believe that we should approach everything like a child. Embrace the creativity the chance to see something from the beginners mind. Treating everything like it’s new and moving without judgement. Only then can we really get out of our heads and into the moment. The goal of the playground is to get people to

1.  Play! Laugh, joke, crawl like an animal, and engage with your classmates through random games I come up with.

2. ground yourself. Reconnect to the earth through primal movements, earth salutations, and chi breathing.

So we play but we reground ourselves through the practice. We have to remember to be as grounded as we are spiritual. I see way too many people who only try to do one or the other and I’m like brah… u know that ain’t you, just be you, have fun, and be here now!

How does yoga help capoeira and vice versa?
Haha well I tell everyone that yoga and capoeira are my yin and yang. Capoeira teaches u to be closed and protected. It’s also a community thing. You can practice by yourself but it takes a community because capoeira is a conversation between two people through movement. Yoga teaches you to be open and it’s personal practice. It’s just you and your breath with your awareness within. Both teach you about yourself and how u react in every situation. In capoeira do you get angry when somebody is aggressive towards u and you return their aggression with more aggression? In yoga does your mind go everywhere but here or do you get frustrated and want to give up because you ain’t that flexible today or you couldnt do a pose you saw on instagram lmao so in my mind they help me stay balanced. Capoeira requires certain flexibility that yoga gives me and yoga requires certain strength and mobility that capoeira gives me. These r the two arts that I literally practice every day.


What was your perception of yoga before you began practicing?

I thought it was boring as hell lol I thought if I wasn’t sore and sweating like crazy I wasn’t doing anything. But man was I learned to connect with my breath I realized how yoga transitioned into everything else that I did. I also thought thanks to hyper feminization in America that dudes just didn’t do it. That’s one of the screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-7-54-20-ammain reasons I began teaching. I wanted to share my influence with my brothers who wouldn’t normally even think of touching a yoga mat and let them see that we ain’t gotta wear leggings (unless ur name is @dade2shelby he makes it cool) and that we all breathe and we all need to learn to slow down and become more aware of each moment.

Is cannabis helpful to practicing yoga, share how it has helped you?
Oh yea man you know that’s my kinda party right here lol to me cannabis helps me

1. Get motivated to practice . It’s like coffee for me in the morning. Shit I actually start my morning with a spliff and some coffee before I practice anything and it’s my ritual.

2.  It helps me to feel what’s happening within me aka increase my focus and bring me more internally. Funny story, I actually did my first handstand on mushrooms lmao I know we talking bout the herbs jah bless but I’m a big believer in the magic of the mushroom and it’s healing benefits for old traumas and its ability to bring epiphanies into your life. Imma hippie man if it’s from the earth I know it’s worth!
Who are some of the yogis you practice with and is it helpful to have a community of like minded people to surround yourself with?

In Atlanta I had a lot of dope people I practiced with @blackyoganerd is a huge inspiration , @fitqueenirene first introduced me to rocket yoga which really kept me practicing. I love the entire @movingartexperience crew like @hippieheathen @dade2shelby @iamreneewatkins dude there’s really too many to name. Love to practice with other people but most of my work is done alone. I’m a lone wolf man I like to train on my own time but love to have a community to reach out to if I have questions, or I need some inspiration to get on my mat. I definitely believe in finding like minded people and vibing out.

Have you ever practiced yoga using entheogens? If so feel free to screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-7-58-50-amshare how that experience was…
Haha whoops I answered that earlier but hell yes man. I love shrooms and LSD. Shrooms more though cuz lsd is lab made. But to me they are a healing substance mentally and physically and uhhhh the experience is an experience everyone should experience !!! Life changing to say the least. Just be in a comfortable place with people you love and it will be amazing.


What crystal do you find yourself attracted to most at the moment and why do you feel that is? 

Citrine, green calcite and amethyst are my favorites. I’ve always dealt with insecurities and citrine really helps me embrace my power. Green calcite is a heart stone and paired with citrine brings abundance of not just money but love. Especially self love! Amethyst is just friggin beautiful to me . Yellow, green and purple are my favorite colors so it kinda works out that they are my fav stones. Being a Pisces though I keep a hematite handy to keep me grounded.
Comparing yoga and the ocean… How can both provide a tranquil state a mind?  
The breaths are like waves man ever present and ever flowing. Embrace each one but allow them to go as easily as they come. Just like the breath u can only feel one wave at a time. Being present is the only way to truly find peace. screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-7-59-04-am
Have you ever had any yoga related dreams or experiences during meditation that were hard to explain?

Yea totally man. Once I remember drifting off in a meditation that felt like a mushroom trip. The colors became so vibrant in my mind, my senses felt like they were on another level. I was rocking in small circles and didn’t notice until my phone went off lmao snap back to reality . It was super trippy but cool to see that we can transcend reality with just focus on the breath.
Any yoga tats? Lol had to be a story behind it

Ha yea I have the throat chakra on my throat. It’s a constant reminder for me to live in truth and honesty. To always embrace who I am , my creativity, and my truths no matter what the popular opinion may be. Also got it on my throat cuz I said fuck a job lmao I’m doing this for life. I create my own destiny and fortune. Fuck what society thinks 😁also I have the flower of life. It’s my reminder of the oneness of all in this dimension.
Congrats on baby Lazer! do you plan on teaching him to be a young yogi Jedi?
Thank youuuuuu!!! Most definitely, but more along the lines of giving him the tools at a young age to find his truth, to be fully conscious, and be able to make choices that will always fulfill his souls desires not the personalities desires. I just want him to find what he loves and do that Shit all the time lol not pressed at all on if he wants to pursue it on a monetary level. I believe him having a yoga / capoeira practice will just help him embrace who Lazer Man is and be the best he can be on any path he chooses.



Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of infocus247.com?
Practice makes practice there is no perfection. Remember that the destination is never as fulfilling as the journey. So embrace every practice as just that, a practice. Also, do it for you not for social media… please and thank you.

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