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Im not sure how i discovered Kay_Danai’s page but one thing that we had in common was a love for Cannabis and Yoga .. simply put! Check out what Kay shared below! 

There are many paths to the same destination… Which path led you to yoga and if there were another way for you to be led to yoga what do you think that path would look like?
I have always been called towards moving meditations. I am classically trained in dance which continues to be a passion of mine but it was a dance injury that first brought me to a yoga mat. I was looking for ways to help heal my injury and once I found yoga I never looked back. This practice came to me at the only time in my life that I was ready to embrace it, so I know there is no other way in which events could have unfolded.

What do you think you must destroy in order to rebuild for progression this year? 
I am always tearing down old agreements that I made with the world, seeing limits that I put on myself and working to let them go so I can form better habits. ​

Can yoga help you remove limits that you may have placed in your own way… If so how?

Absolutely, yoga brings awareness to limits you have set up for yourself unconsciously. To change anything you must first notice that it is limiting you, then with this awareness you can start working to create better habits and step outside of your comfort zone. It comes out of nowhere I will be thinking of a pose or how I can’t do that because *________insert excuse/reason here_____* and it dawns on me that I’m creating limits on what my body can do with my thoughts. That’s just one example I have those little moments all the time and I am so grateful for every chance I get to let something go.

Name 3 ways Yoga can enhance your Cannabis experience?

I like to focus on my breath(Pranayama) when I practice and doing this can definitely enhance your smoking experience when you can bring that same focus and awareness to the breath when you are smoking cannabis. Helping to relax your body and mind with each inhale & exhale. Yoga and working with entheogens has made me very aware about the ways in which I use cannabis. Reminding me to use it in a good way, for prayer and ritual, or healing not just to smoke to get as high as possible. I like to put intentions into the joints that I roll so the smoke can send my messages to the sky.

What crystal are you drawn to most at the moment and why do you feel it is attracting you?

Amethyst. It helps me to stay clear and centered as I go deeper on my spiritual path.

Have you ever tried yoga on entheogens if so how was that experience? feel free to share

I am a big believer in sacred medicines and have sat with Shamans from many different traditions. I have not practiced any physical asana while at ceremony but I have done pranayama (breath work) which left me feeling so connected to the beautiful loving energy of the universe. I also love to dance during ceremony and often get moved to do so. It reminds me how connected I am to the universe and that I should flow and move with the energy and not fight against it. I feel that almost (if they are mentally ready) everyone should try to connect with these plants, so they can receive these teachings that they have to offer.

I noticed your YogaForStoners tag.. How do you think trees can help when practicing yoga?
It brings you into a deeper awareness of the subtle energy in your body. Making you more aware of the body and how the energy is flowing through it. It is a Peaceful awareness, reducing tension in both the body and mind. Once tension is released from the body pain and anxiety melt away, leaving you at ease. From this place of ease it is easier to look at our current physical reality with just a little bit more compassion for the self. Cannabis changes how we think about things blocking certain receptors in the brain, I find that when I smoke before I practice I will see certain poses in a new light or find new ways to get into postures.

What strain do you prefer to practice yoga with if any?

It depends on the time of day and what type of yoga I am practicing. For mornings and Vinyasa type classes I like a good sativa which is my preferred type of cannabis. If I am taking a yin class, or practicing at night, or doing breath work I like a indica or a hybrid(indica heavy) because it helps to turn down the volume in my brain so I can let go. The exact strains change for me I like to mix up the flavors.

What would you tell someone that is interested but thinks yoga is for girls and hippies ?

A lot of people have this idea that yoga is just a bunch of stretching and girls in yoga pants but once you go to a class and leave super sweaty you will know the truth. Yoga was created by guys in India and makes you so strong physically and mentally. If they didn’t get that I would just have them try to do some arm balances then see how girly they think the practice is. Most people will see a benefit just from taking one yoga class so I would tell them just to try it, what’s the worst that could happen.

Have you had any yoga related dreams or mystical meditations? Feel free to share..

I always dream about poses that I am practice or wish I could practice. I think of it like extra time for me to work on the pose.
Which beach do you see yourself doing yoga on next?
My dream is to do yoga on the beach in Bali, but I see myself in Miami very soon and the muscle beach in Santa Monica is always calling my name with all the acro yoga that goes on there.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of infocus247?

If they are thinking of trying yoga but don’t think they are fit enough or flexible enough to just go for it. Everyone has to start as a beginner and once you start down a path it gets easier. Never be afraid to try new things and fail at things, that is what life is for! Have fun, laugh it all will work out. I also want to remind them to Thank their water its sacred just like cannabis. Be grateful for all these beautiful teachers.

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