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Cj aka Yoga with the Red Head is always spunky and firey! We’ve had our encounters and funny moments through the streets of New York. I thought it would be a nice surprise to send a questionnaire her way!

How can using your breath help pain or discomfort in different yoga postures?

I find that if you focus all of your attention…solely on one specific thing, everything else can fall to the background. If you are mindful of counting breaths or focusing on your inhale/exhale patterns, you’re less likely to spend energy focusing on the pain or discomfort. (Now that’s not to say if a pose causes abnormal pain…you should focus on your breath and push through! Na! Don’t do that! Haha Know the difference between discomfort and pain. Listen to your body.

Can acro yoga be a way to connect and meet people in different yoga communities?
YES! YES! And YES! 100% YES! Majority of the people who I have Acro-ed with, I’ve met and practiced with on the spot. There’s something to be said about the immediate comfort level and trust that can be felt between two practicing yogis. It’s kinda dope to think about and experience. There was one time I was walking through Washington Square Park (with you, Min and Dara) and we ran into those two yogis. One told me to climb onto his shoulders. And I just did, without second guessing any of it! It was too much fun!

Describe how it feels making breakthroughs, being able to do what was once out of your grasp? and how does this apply off the mat 

There are fewer things more rewarding than yoga breakthroughs! Haha Most times they come after weeks, months, even years of practice so it’s an amazing feeling to see the progress. I really don’t know if I can describe the feeling. Just know, there is always a victory dance that ensues immediately after hitting the pose!

Have you had any yoga related dreams or experiences during meditation that may be hard to explain? If so feel free to share

Not yet, unfortunately. Key word=yet!

What would you say to anyone thinking about trying yoga but isn’t sure if it for them?

Give it a try! You’ll never know if something is for you or not unless you give it a fair run. And that goes for anything in life! And don’t expect it to be easy the first time. You might not even enjoy it the first time. However, I can promise that each and every time you practice, some part of your practice will be different. It’s an ever-changing journey.

How can yoga help women reconnect with themselves? 

There are many aspects of yoga and there are so ways to reconnect with yourself. Mind. Body. Soul. I’ve had a long journey with fitness and weight gain and loss. Yoga was honestly what kickstarted my real fitness journey. And I say “real” only because I had tried many other methods of working out but they never stuck. Yoga became an immediate passion and created a lifestyle change. Now I’m able to combine the other fitness methods with my yoga to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As for the mental and spiritual aspects, if you’re up for a challenge, there’s always something to learn. Countless books, conversations and real world application opportunities are provided each and every day. Take advantage of even just one and be open to learning, and it can change your entire perspective on life…for the better. 🙂


I’ve always been curious about chakras, what does it feel like to have your chakras re aligned?

I’m just now really learning about the chakras. I know the basics but I’ve been researching a lot more. I’ve started collecting stones and crystals that align with each chakra to incorporate into my meditation practice. I also just started the book Eastern Body Western Mind. I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

Does diet impact your yoga practice? If so in which ways

On a surface level, if I eat crappy foods, I don’t feel good, therefore it’s a struggle to get on my mat. When I eat healthy, natural foods, I have more energy, I feel better and I’m more apt to practice daily!

What is one method you use to self reflect and how is it helpful to you?
I’m a third grade teacher. I try to instill a lot of the yoga principles in my students daily. We have created rituals like “Meditation Mondays” where I walk them through a guided meditation and help them to set an intention for the upcoming week and reflect on the week prior. In order to help them create intentions and reflect, I too have to do so. I feel like it helps keep me grounded in the situation but also allows for a sense of joy and accomplishment when I see how pleased my students are with their own practices.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of Infocus247.com

I’m excited to share the news (some already know) that I will be traveling to Rishikesh India (the birthplace of yoga), this Summer, to complete my 200 hour YTT and I couldn’t be more excited! So stay tuned for more to come!!!! 🙏🏼


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