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We caught up with Allen aka LifeisArt to get an idea of his perspective on life yoga and art. We were repairing his sling ring and he had a few minutes to spare in between the fix. Check out the insight he shared below and find out more about what is coming next!
How can time be perceived as your friend or enemy? 
Time is everything and an illusion. Because time is important we must pay attention to it in some shape or form. With that understanding Time will always be on your side. Without the knowledge of the importance of time. It becomes an enemy to progress.
Name 3 things Yoga will not help you with 
Yoga will not help if your not helping yourself. Its really that simple. To name 3 things I would say If you cannot give your all to the experience. Let it go and return when you can. I learned that the hard way.
How can yoga be looked at as an art form?
Anything you can manifest with your mind I consider an Art form. Think about it. You have to draw it out in your mind before you do it. Even instinct is a Drawn out reaction created with in a split second to manifest. Yoga is the same, but an extremely more settle, more peaceful way to create with the mind. The mind is the ” True Art “
How can art give you benefits similar to a consistent yoga practice?
When I think of Art, I think of expression. Each artist I have encountered have expressed how art is such a release for them. I believe that is a great benefit. Having a painting in your home can give your mind a memory of positivity. A moment where a complete stranger understood your point of view so well, they created it & this is how it looks. Same as with a consistent yoga practice. Practicing Yoga everyday really broadens your horizon to more perspectives, more diversity. Its a mind opener, just like Art.
What was your first memory?
My first memory was an accident I got into with my father when I was maybe 2 or 3 years old. I remember the firefighter holding me while we were walking down the street and I was crying because I didn’t know what was going on. I could have died that day, but I didn’t. Its crazy because no has ever ask me that and I’m able to go that far back…whoa!!
Which aspects of life do you choose to control vs let happen? 
Having access has always been a hassle for me so I would say access. What I mean be that is having access to things that can benefit not only me but everyone around me. Watching My Older brother and his crew I learned real quick…” You ain’t shining if your whole team ain’t ” And thats been a proving fact showed to me over the years so I stay true to that. When I let things happen its based on the case finding the ” Why ” behind it. A lot of people say..” somethings are not meant be known “. Thats bullshit to me. If your honest with yourself and others then the why should be evident and just. You got to hold yourself accountable and man up when you fuck up. I remember me and you had this talk almost a year and half ago. The way I live, it goes a long way.
How can yoga and capoeira go hand in hand? 
Most people don’t even realize how much yoga and capoeira are one in the same. There like yin and yang. Probably for every move in capoeira there is an asana or variation of an asana that resembles it. Have my Yoga Instructor and Mestre share the same space of education gives the vision of how Yoga and Capoeira are beautifully connected when combined together.
Provide one insight about the power of breath that you have learned purely from observation. And How has that helped you?
From observation what I have noticed is a calming but powerful force behind someone who is control of the breath. Its very serene and intriguing in many ways. The phrase ” Flow like water ” comes to mind watching someone so in sync with breath and movement. I try to be as fluid as my example. In my own practice I have found it very useful in critical situations. Sometimes I have to catch myself, which is cool, those moments are times of growth.

What do you feel is the greatest mystery of life? 

The greatest mystery of life is life itself. Life is a discovery. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, something extraordinary. The experience of life is a complete mystery before it happens.
If the world were to end tomorrow or unite in peace ..what  do you think would be  responsible for both? 
If the world ended tomorrow it would be due to the lack of love and compassion for one another on every scale. If the opposite happen where the world would unite in peace it be due to a global conscious decision to put down all of our ” personal ” differences and focus on the healing of the world from the inside out. By any means necessary.
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