Confused State of PRESS

Looking for the common thread.

I notice that social media outlets, people that read the news, and the information being reported,  it seems to have come to a point of confusion due to so many different perspective of actuality. Has the internet been as hurtful as it is helpful. Imagine if you were in a room and initially everyone spoke to each other one at a time. You were clear on who said what and also had enough time to process what was being said to determine if it were truth or false. Now imagine if everyone began communicating all at once and no one was ever given a chance to listen or verify what is being said… that is the internet currently for some. I find myself rarely going deeper to find the source of information to check if it is legit. Often what I watch online may be for informational purposes but in a way its also for entertainment. It can be entertaining listening to streams of opinion or un checked facts to get an idea of what everyone else is thinking in comparison to yourself.  On the flip side, who can you trust outside of yourself to find the truth…..