Women of Color Healing Retreats

Women of Color Healing Retreats is a space dedicated to connecting black women with nature, wellness, spirituality and self care. . It is located outside of the United States so that black women from everywhere can connect with nature, as nature is our original home. WCHR has created a space to get back to her. WCHR is also a space to unwind and disconnect from the psychological trauma of systemic racism. In a world that teaches us not to take care of ourselves, it is revolutionary and healing when we do.

From daily de-colonized yoga and meditation classes. to surf or swim lessons. to zip lining across the majestic jungle, to beautiful group time on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. WCHR also engages our guests in the adventure side of life. We provide the opportunity to go hiking and exploring throughout Puerto Viejo. Our ultimate goal is to open the mind and heart, so WCHR provides workshops on colorism, self-love/self-care, healing circles and much more.

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We are interested in exchanging or providing video coverage of the movement! Stay tuned they may be interested in working with Infocus247