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Another brave yogi stepped up to the challenge of selects! LittleyogiJay tossed her friend in the water by volunteering him. Soon after she decided to jump into the deep end with focus!

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Is movement of energy important? What are some of the methods you use to get it circulating?

Movement of energy is very important because it plays a part in how you connect with your spiritual self. Just like when you’re at the gym you warm-up prior to delving into your workout routine it is the same concept for me prior to delving into my yoga practice. I will usually set-up my crystals around my yoga mat along with my Buddha statue and then light an incense. After a few long deep breaths I will kind of just allow my body to flow however it sees fit until I feel at ease. I look at it as getting out any excess energy that will not serve my practice and keep me from getting to a calm state. If I’m having a particularly rough day I will play some music to amp me up and get me ready to practice. It’s all about listening to yourself and knowing what works best for you.

How would you live life knowing it is merely an experience you will wake up from? Similar to a dream.

Knowing what I know now as far as how I look at the human experience I don’t feel as though I would do anything different. I believe life itself is all about finding your true self and while on that path learn as much as possible about what makes you uniquely you. I look at life as a never-ending lesson that you must take away something positive from in order to elevate to the next realm otherwise you will continue to come back to the same physical plane until you have gained the understanding that you were meant to as the ancestors see fit.

Do you use mantras? Share an interesting experience from chanting….Let me know your experience when you use the mantra FA RA ON…

I honestly don’t really make a habit of using mantras that much. I have a general breathing technique that I do use when I am having a really bad day or feeling overwhelmed in general that does help to calm my thoughts. When I did sit and meditate and repeated the mantra “FA RA ON” over and over I did feel a sense of relief come over me. The usual pulsing that I experience when I meditate didn’t happen as intensely as it normally does. I felt more in sync with my breathing and was so focused on that one sequence that when I did stop I felt like I had just woken up from a dream-like experience.

How do you confront a challenge or block that you may reach physically and mentally during your yoga practice?

During my yoga practice when I’m dealing with a physical and mental block I will usually just stop and lay in child’s pose and slowly just talk to myself. I will reflect on my day and the things that took place that led to the unbalance I am currently experiencing. A lot of the time when I have these blocks I’ve realized that it is because I may have reacted to a situation unfairly or I allowed the negative energy to take refuge within me too long causing a block. I find I usually have these blocks in my yoga practice during moments of great stress in my life. I have had to learn to separate my stress from my yoga practice in order to remain present in my thoughts. I acknowledge the fact that yes, Jennette, you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, but how can I react in a way that will allow my energy to calm and my thoughts to slow? These are things that I do to try and bring myself back to a better sense of center.

What was your first memory?

The very first memory I have is when I first moved to Atlanta. I was probably like 3 years old and it was the very first time I ever saw snow. If you’ve lived in Atlanta your whole life then you know how rare snow of any real significance is, and it was literally damn near a blizzard. My dad was very excited about the opportunity to have me embark on my first snowball fight with one of our neighbors in the apartment above us. This is probably one of my favorite memories because I felt just like that kid in the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats. I did it all that day, snow angels, snowball fights, a snowman. By the end of the day I was completely exhausted, but cuddled up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. I couldn’t by any happier in that moment.

How has yoga improved your mental flexibility?

Yoga really has become a total lifestyle change for me. It is about way more than just being able to hold myself up in a handstand or do a middle split. I entered into a spiritual journey of self and during the almost 3 years that I’ve been practicing I realized there were a lot of things about myself that I had to change immediately in order to grow fully. Yoga balances my thoughts in a way that allows for a lot of self-reflection. I’ve learned the most about what I want, my goals, and the people I want to interact with all through setting aside that consistent time on my yoga mat.

Have you ever had any yoga related dreams or hard to explain experiences during meditation?

I actually don’t have too many yoga-related dreams aside from events that I may be attending or working on myself. I think that would be normal of anyone who is excited about a project that they are doing. When I meditate however, I realize that I tend to do the same thing when I meditate. The longer that I stay within my thoughts the more aware I become of what my body is doing. I tend to feel a pulse and then various colors. Depending on the day that I’m having the colors change or become brighter.

What crystal do you find yourself drawn to the most?

The crystal that I am very drawn to is the rose quartz. I love how at peace I always feel when I have this crystal around me. It speaks to my heart chakra which makes sense as I look to gain better balance in that area of my life. The energy that I have gained from this particular stone I feel has helped me to evaluate my personal relationships in a way that is healthier.

What is the most neglected aspect of your practice and how do you plan on turning your weakness into a strength?

The most neglected aspect of my practice would be arm balances. I’ve only recently began to really work on handstands because I feel like it’s important not to avoid something based on fear. You will never truly grow and move forward if fear leads all of your decisions. Once I came to this realization I began to slowly improve in all areas of my practice.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of infocus247.com

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my practice a little better. I will be moving to New York this summer and I will be hosting pop-up yoga classes’ very soon so check out my website www.littleyogijay.com and my IG “littleyogijay” as well for upcoming events. Love and Light Omies!

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