Yoni Steam Womb Wellness Academy

This past month we produced a series of teaching modules with Tracey of Love My Womb Academy. The experience was amazing to say the least and I learned more information than I necessarily was ready for.  Tracey will be uploading the series of videos online so if you would like to join a workshop or attend via internet that is now possible. Check out the website and begin your journey here! Take a look at the promotional video below LovemyWombAcademy.com 

We are raising our womb vibrations to heal our nation! Sistahood, Education, Healing and Transformation are what we promote at Love My Womb Academy. Here’s a little somethin, somethin, to get you started. Learn and earn the Goddess Steam Way!

LovemyWombAcademy.com  or call directly 337.944.9131

For video production, take a look at the packages we offer here