Hena & Chill w. ReignGlobal

Yesterday was pretty cool! It was not as cold as it usually is and universal randomness

brought me right where I needed to be. Hena & Chill w. ReignGlobal & friends. Now i’ve seen Reign .. or Sha as I know her now, in a few events over the past years so it was great to actually have a chance to link up and share a moment in memory.
From Henna in the front to Mini photoshoots downstairs and Yoga interviews in the back… I definitely was running from the front of the house to the back of the house recording everything that was going on.
The ladies exchanged stories of day to day life and Sha also shared a interesting  inspirational story about who she personally handed her first custom Amulet to.
The Ladies waiting patiently to go to the photostudio just beneath us!

I thought the room we were in was all there was…. but to my surprise there was more. It felt like I walked into a cloud because of the surrounding blue all  over Sha’s walls plus She did all the painting herself!

There were so many little moments that I cant type them all… but if you would like to see 4% of what happened check out the video above. It was fun and look forward to the one on one discussion about henna life and crystals with ReignGlobal coming soon.


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