The Goddess Revival

I’m still taking in all the energy from this weekend! @Hadiiyabarbel presence is electrifying, confident, lovely, outspoken, illusive, sensual, and powerful to say the least and I thank you for opening up your space for healing, laughing, dancing, singing and sharing! I’m certain this weekend was life changing for many women that were in attendance at the Goddess Gathering! It was a pleasure learning from you! If you don’t know who @hadiiyabarbel Is you may want
to get to know who she is! especially if your about Divine Fucking Power and Owning it!

The group healing was in abundance, anyone that required a moment was provided the space to express everything they may have been holding in. There were many intimate moments of deep emotion and release.

Angela (msgoddessbody) went over everything from, chakras, numerology, what to eat, drink, think, all in effort to attaining a goddess body.

@msgoddessbody is magnificent, radiant, beautiful, intelligent, hilarious 😂 had me laughing, learning and smiling the whole time! If you don’t know who msGoddessbody is find out now! I really appreciate the experience! Everything happens for a reason and I’m glad I could be there to feel the energy.

Sha (@reignglobal) is majestic, wonderful, sensitive, joyous, focused, creative and her facial expressions are so expressive. I just enjoy watching her relive experiences by sharing tales of what happened with others! Plus both of her cousins are dope too!

If you would like to learn more about future events taking place go to GoddessBody Angela’s page!

Look forward to video of the event coming soon!


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