Be Metaphysical: Intent of synchronicity

Without the convenience  of phones or social media I always find Quoom. To take it further I always find Quoom by following intuition when riding the trains/bus/shuttles. He wasn’t answering the phone for the past few weeks and that was a reminder to me, I’ve been relying on these devices too much lately. After getting off the plane I saw a flyer @returnofthegoddess posted on instagram for a Kemetic Yoga workshop happening in Harlem. It was spur of the moment but I decided to go to see Yirser and capture some photos and video of the workshop.

@Yirser bringing the knowledge of Kemetic Yoga to Harlem

On the way to the workshop I get on a train, only to get off at the wrong stop. I get back on the train to connect to the next train but … that train is no longer running so I have to take a shuttle bus. I get on the shuttle bus and again I get off at the wrong stop on the shuttle bus. At this point I looked at my lyft app and actually called for one but something said just wait for the next shuttle bus. The shuttle arrives, I hop on and make it to the A train. The A express train happened to be running on the local track. I needed express so I get off only to realize I should of stayed on. At this point I felt and thought to myself why do I keep getting off is it that I’m sleepy or just being in ny hasn’t re The next train pulls up and out the corner of my eye I see a bright red drum zooming past in the train car.​​

Quoom and older brother Sha still bring the music underground for the riders of The New York Transit System

I felt a surge of energy and ran in that direction because I’ve been looking for the sound and sight of that red drum for a few weeks now. The red drum belongs to Quoom. It definitely wasn’t a surprise and I appreciate the inconvenience and mental lapse I felt I was having in transit for the sake of synchronicity. This is exactly how we initially met I was searching for a drummer and got off at the wrong/right stop. We linked up later that day and it felt just like old times.

This is where it all begins.
Sha Kesef