FDA: The Dead Ringer

Shot by @Lifeisart_Films

The night was electric to say the least. The gallery was in a location that felt like a raw atmosphere. One of those lawless anything goes kind of vibes. The wandering of Jays in and out of the exhibit intensified the night even further and set a familiar unpredictable tone I can appreciate.

Shot by @LifeisArt_Fims

The artist that I was teamed up with was Jessica Hill.  Jessica found inspiration in a photograph that was taken during a acknowledgement ceremony. She turned the photo into a elaborate detailed designed fabric. This is Jessica’s Grandma explaining to me the process of creating the fabric utilizing wood carving as a transfer medium after painting (photo above).

Shot by @Lifeisart_films

I still don’t quite understand how she did it but I’m going to link up with her later down the line and collaborate on a video project because this style of art interest me and I really would like to know how it is developed. It was great finally meeting Jessica and her family was real cool and laid back as well. Definitely was pleasure being able to take part in the show having some of work being displayed.

A late but stunning entrance was made by this artist!  I was not expecting to see a lady fully body painted walking through the gallery but the art that was on the wall made much more sense once she walked in front of it. I liked their vibe they brought a real fun Gotham villan type of feel but in a good way.  It seems like the best moments I catch of Shon is when she is pouring her heart out telling people what she goes through making the art work.  I’m assuming this is what she says because im never close enough to actually hear it but it seems to be so passionate. She could be talking about how strawberries taste for all I know though.

Young Shon flexxin and Mother of Shon!
@ablackstateofmind keeping it real with black love as always.

Her collaboration with Miya Bailey came out great. There will be more of that in the video. Check out her work and support her next film/journey For The love of the Black Man:  GHANA 

Miya Bailey Searching
IG @Awake.AF
Cool dude and takes some pretty awesome Landscape shots. His girlfriend is always the life of the party at the shows! Check out his work @jahi._
@jahi._ A great capture of a lighthouse that seems to be abandoned
Out of everyone I personally invited I was really happy to see  Shanti Gumboooo. Right before this moment I was looking around like … i .. dont . … see… anyone I … told/asked … to … lol then walaaa so thank you Alia and Isislove for showing support I appreciate it.
The Ring Pops were in full effect last night …. Why Im not quite sure.
This guy was realllllly excited about seeing himself become apart of the art. The appreciate was all over his smile and joyous celebration!
Sometimes Peace and Water is all you really need.
Finally caught a shot that i think is okay of @kayashoots … Photographers know how to hide from the camera best. I know I do atleast.. So Im glad I could finally catch a shot of her that doesn’t include the back of her locs!
@byrdeyeviews breaking down the inspiration behind is work or thinking of whats next… who knows.
It would’nt be an art show if it weren’t a 80+ degree room full of dope inspirational art. The heat was real but the air conditioning kept the spot at a tolerable environment.


Allen (Lifeisart_Films) came through and grabbed a few shots as well check those out below!

Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Jessica Hill Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films

Shout out to Bri.Simpson for making my life so much easier with these prints. I was anti print for the longest but now with the help of Bri  and Allen showing me footage of Wak breaking down the print business I think its time to redirect my focus and put both hands in that market.

@Bri.Simpson x @Lifeisart_Films

All of the artist that were apart of the show can be found with the links below. I will be chopping up the videos and tagging everyone that was captured. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to being apart of more shows in the future as an alive artist! with the Future Dead fam.


Artist x Photographer
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Additional Photography by  @Lifeisart_Films