Egyptian Tales from The Papyri

I stumbled across this video and found the storytelling quite fascinating. You can read a bit of what the story is about below.

Westcar Papyrus: Khufu and the Magician

The fourth story of the Westcar Papyrus is told by Hardedef, son of Khufu, and takes place during the reign of Khufu. Hardedef tells his father of a magician named Dedi who has the power to reattach a severed head onto an animal and tame a wild lion. He also claims that Dedi has information about the temple of Thoth.

Khufu instructs Hardedef to bring Dedi to his court and he orders Dedi to sever and re-attach the head of a criminal. Dedi refuses, but does consent to perform this magic on a goose, a waterfowl, and an ox. Khufu then asks Dedi to tell him what he knows about the temple of Thoth but Dedi claims that while he does not know the number of rooms in the temple, he knows where the temple is.

When Khufu presses him further he states that he cannot tell the pharaoh as the one to be granted access is the first born of three future pharaohs (the first three kings of the fifth dynasty (Userkaf) who will be born to a Reddjedet, the wife of a priest of Ra. Thus this story forms part of the prophesy establishing the right to rule of UserkafSahure and Neferirkara Kakai which is continued in the final part of the Westcar Papyrus with the story of the birth of the three pharaohs.

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