Audiobook: Coral Castle

Book written sometime in the mid 50’s by a person named Col. Carrol A. Lake who went around and spoke with people who knew Ed shortly after he passed away. this is perhaps the closest account of Ed’s life recorded as told by those who knew him. I have read this book a number of times and thought it would be fun to try to narrate. Original PDF can be found at

0:00 Intro
0:38 Chapter One : Arrival
7:10 Chapter Two: Landowner
20:41 Chapter Three Unbelievable
30:46 Chapter Four : Ed’s Place
37:35 Chapter Five : Sweet Sixteen
41:33 Chapter Six : Jilted
48:23 Chapter Seven : Furniture Carver
54:00 Chapter Eight : Ed As Host
1:02:07 Chapter Nine : Attacked
1:06:25 Chapter Ten : Decision
1:16:32 Chapter Eleven : The Move
1:26:55 Chapter Twelve : A Legend Exploded
1:33:38 Chapter Thirteen : Potatoes
1:39:45 Chapter Fourteen : Ed’s Wall
1:47:11 Chapter Fifteen : Coral Castle
1:51:55 Chapter Sixteen : Rock Gates
1:57:27 Chapter Seventeen : Love Of Children
2:02:19 Chapter Eighteen : Enter FBI
2:12:28 Chapter Nineteen : Philosopher
2:19:14 Chapter Twenty : Theories
2:40:54 Chapter Twenty One : Tragedy
2:45:06 Chapter Twenty Two : Eternal Proof
2:48:55 Publishers Note/Forward

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