Yogi Selects – Yemoja Oshun

Seeing the future isn’t too hard as long as you don’t look to far ahead. With that being written I knew this connection would happen sooner than never. I observe, study and admire Yemoja Oshun’s social media and have always found everything she shares provoking. From powerful words to luring imagery that pulls you into her sensual world of yoga and possibility.  Curious to learn more I putting on my thinking collar and sent over the question below. Enjoy Yogi Selector!!  

What is your first memory?

When I reflect back on my childhood the two earliest memories that came to mind was of my brother and I being in our parents room knocking over our dad’s empty beer cans with a sling shot and of me pooping out a barrette that I had ate. I am not sure in which instance I was younger. There was something about seeing that barrette in the toilet that provides a vivid memory.

How can yoga surprise you? 

“He washes over me with his love Cleansing me of all the pain He penetrates every hole Pushing out what ales me I breathe in his scent, Consume his flavor, And relish in all that is him Every lip drips I am full I am pleased And overflowing with gratitude” -Yemoja Oshun

What surprised me about yoga is the transformation that has taken place through connecting with my body in a pleasurable way. I came to realize it is not just a physical movement practice but it moves things within on a spiritual level and connects with my sexual being. My yoga practice is very yin and sensual. I slowly move through the asanas staying in a pose for awhile to ensure that I get to a place of peace in it. The flow is a meditative practice where I breathe and focus on my inner being. It is sensual because I am focused on what I feel which is another way to explore who I am at my core and it has pushed me to evolve as person. Since practicing nude I have gained body confidence and I find it erotic.

Sensual Sunday Tip: Indulge in sensual and sexual acts that empower you. I have found empowerment in reveling myself in intimate settings that support nudity. I find skin to be very beautiful and I love to feel it and have skin to skin contact. Being nude in front of others is not empowering for all but I encourage you to seek what does empower you and what ways you reveal/show people who you are. For stories on my nude adventures check my snap @yemojaoshun Happy Sensual Sunday lovers! Be free to reveal who you are where it is supported. 💋

I have noticed how the postures are arousing for others to see even if not done nude and how they are great positions for sexual activity. I do not believe in order to be spiritual you have to pretend as if you are not a sexual being as well.


When you look at yourself what do you see now and what do you wish to see in the far future?

When I look at myself I see a woman who is constantly transforming. At every moment in the present and future I desire to be elated being me. When I learn new things I often shift removing things that are no longer serving me and/or incorporating things I see as beneficial for where I am on my journey. My goal is to be me so as I strip away conditioning that has taken me away from that goal I see my future as looking even more like who I was in the beginning before I got lost in things that are not of me.

How do you share a feeling that can’t be put into words?

Although I love to use words to write to evoke a certain feeling, I often feel most comfortable communicating through vibes and my favorite sense touch. I love to be felt through the energy I put out and I can channel that energy through using touch so people can literally feel me as well.

What is one emotion that you’ve given yourself permission to express? 

I have given myself permission to feel sexy and to express it through my style of dress, movement, and activities. It is an emotion that I have been shamed for expressing for a long time but I am feeling so much freedom as I get more and more comfortable with revealing it.

Have you had any yoga related fantasies or dreams that you have brought into manifestation

Role play gladiator: who ever loses the battle becomes the winner’s sex slave. The battle weapons can vary from pillows, plastic swords, to tools that can really make an impact depending on what you and your partner are into and level of sensation desired.

I didn’t have the fantasy of becoming known through exhibiting my yoga practice on Instagram but I am thankful that it has been a manifestation. I feel honored for people to be inspired by me.


You appear to be drawn to the unknown and unexpected… What have you noticed in yourself that you don’t quite understand yet?

Within me is a strong desire to be submissive as in a BDSM relationship. I am still figuring out all the ways that I find it beneficial for my growth and wholeness and how I can help others to heal by participating in kink activities as well.


The name you have chosen is powerful, how do you implement the principles of Yemoja Oshun in your life?

I had a name that I felt did not fit me so when I asked for a more fitting one I was given the name Yemoja Oshun. Yemoja and Oshun are both goddess. Yemoja is a mothering figure, a protective nurturer and Oshun is the goddess of love and sensuality. As a nurturer I provide sacred space for people to heal. I also strive to live in a way that is loving towards all beings. Every activity I participate in is an opportunity to enjoy my senses and I encourage others to do the same.

How can practicing yoga and maintaining a healthy plant based diet benefit libido and overall health?

For me I have found that my yoga practice and plant based eating has had a positive effect in my body by increased natural lubrication and desire for sex. Concerning overall health both benefit my holistic wellness mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. 

How can anticipation be a good element for your yoga practice?
I believe when you prepare for your yoga practice with anticipation that you are acknowledging the importance of taking the time to do something for your well being.

Is there anything you would like to share with the readers of infocus247.com

I would like to thank Infocus247 for the choosing me as a Yogi Select the questions made me go within and it was a bit of a challenge to come out to respond but I am thankful for the journey. I would like to share where I can be found on the internet. My Instagram and Snapchat is @yemojaoshun I am also working on my website yemojashun.com which will be launching on 7/21/17.