Movie Select – What The Health?

What the health is a very informative documentary centered around the basics of what is being presented as “healthy” according to popular health associations.

This doc breaks down the deceptive marketing and blatant disregard for actual safety in the products companies are selling as food. From check off list from the government promoting unhealthy food to specifically targeting children.

Even ridiculous things called a cheeseburger law saying pretty much you should be smart enough to know this food isn’t healthy for consumption and all weight gained or health issues are not our fault.

This movie touches on the health industry from multiple angles. They even document a two week + turn around from someone that once relied on diabetic medicine to now relying only on a plant based diet.

Personally I haven’t caught a cold or been sick since I stopped eating red meat and turkey so that is the reason I don’t eat it anymore. I truly dislike being sick. When I see family members going through a flu or whatever it is I simply suggest switching what they eat.  You can give them this movie to watch as well. It’s amongst the long list of documentary that deliver the cold hard truth in a way so simple a child can digest the information


You can check it out online or watch it here from  watchfree