Yogi Selects – Cloud Spin

On our daily scroll through yogis we came across Cloudspin! With the latest theme being clouds and sky yoga activities I found her name fascinating and that led me to asking a few questions pertaining her practice! check out what she shared below!

What sparked your desires to become a contortionist?

I think it’s the fact that contortion requires more flexibility and strength than yoga does… I like to challenge myself and keep my practice constant as a yogi.

Being a knowledge sponge what have you absorbed from yoga…. and over time what have you squeezed out that no longer serves you? 

we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are… I’m really exciting, I smile a lot, I win a lot and I’m really sexy… I AM A YOGI

the primary thing yoga has taught me is being patient, being calm, and keeping a gentle hold on things to come, and I’ve learned to stop being close minded about people, to accept diversity and love people however weird they may seem

How has astrology helped you gain a better introspection of yourself?

it has helped me understand my actions, my response to certain situations and create a better connection with the universe… it has also help me accept that it’s okay to be a little different

How did you come across yoga and what do you think you would do without it?

honestly I think if I’m not doing yoga then I’d probably be doing yoga, maybe I could be a ballerina, I’ve always loved graceful things… and I came across yoga while suffering from back strain, someone recommended a few yoga poses and I’ve been hooked ever since

Have you had any hard to explain meditation sessions? if so feel free to share 

A few times, sometimes I’m just too angry or anxious about something to get in a good meditation session, I go to yoga for calm, sometimes are just better than others… and when that happens, I listen to my soul and gives it what it wants

“may all that has been reduced to noise in you become music again… “

Where do you see yourself doing yoga in the world 10 years from now? 

Ten years from now, I want a more pronounced practice, sharing my journey with a lot more people, and creating more awareness about yoga from this part of the world…

What type of mental stress has your practice help you relieve and how do you go about conducting a release ?

That would be anxiousness and worry, I worry about the future constantly I plan and plan, yoga has helped me deal with that by teaching me to focus on what is, the moment, enjoying the journey as it unfolds, and I aid that by going to my mat as often as I can and finding a time to practice my prayanama breathing

Move your mind and the body follows?  Where is your mind at the moment and how does your body feel following the leader?

At the moment I think my mind and energy is focused on making the most out of my life, been happy and living a fulfilled life, and my body is following real well, all I’ve ever needed was a flexible mind

What was your first memory?

Well that’d be of me, sitting outside my house, reading alphabet books while holding a fish shaped toy that my mom made by herself from fabrics around the house

Have you had any yoga related dreams? 

Yeah, I’d like to become a certified yoga teacher, teach around the world and help bring a better perception about yoga and other healthy lifestyle changes

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of infocus247?

Yes, you better chase your dreams with your cute self…. power isn’t given, it’s taken.