FEMM TEA NYC Maat Petrova 

Femmm Tea with @Maatpetrova was everything I thought it would be and better. This is the 6th all woman event I’ve had the privilege of document. I could describe how it feels being the only man recording a room full of woman dancing, crying, laughing loving and just being themselves but experiencing it for yourself would be better. It’s like I’m there but not really. My mother loved the expression “I wish I were fly on the wall” Being able to observe without being noticed by limiting my eye contact, staying out the way, intuitively seeing what will happen next before it does to be in the right spot. I’m observant of the attention I receive whether it’s a searchful gaze or touch of the arm. After these events I usually feel high and in tune with the flow. I definitely know my fair share of womb wellness knowledge lol I think it is ironic that I keep finding myself in rooms full of women but I’ll save that for another chapter! Look forward to seeing more in the near future.
Infocus247.com x @MaatPetrova