Day Dreamer by Bri.Simpson

Art by @bri.simpson x

Oh… Is your head in the clouds?
Have you been pleased to the point that pleasure became priority? When did you forget that all free spirits must fly their own way along the outline of sun covered clouds.. Remember stars shine through darkness sending beams of light into the unknown depths of worlds unseen. Perception can proceed will to live like a vision unrelated to sight. A third eye view from a height unattainable from flight.
Oh … Is your head in the clouds?


The fascinating case of Bri.Simpson! Her art resonates with me and Im glad to add Day Dreamer to the stash. This would be the second joint Ive felt I had to have! We seem  to connect to do creative shoots once a year … thinking of what 2017 has in stored down the line. I think its time we capture one of her solo shows! soon soon … until then  check out her artwork on the gram and her website!Also below is the first time we ever met to sit down and talk about art.