Veil of Life

How thin is the veil of life? There are moments in time where you can be compelled to end it all or start over. Which choice will you make?

Renee Watkins
IG: IamReneeWatkins

I woke up feeling drunk from laughing so much with @iamreneewatkins Every year on my birhtday I have a fun shoot filled with cheek pain from smiling .. I don’t plan it they just happen 😂😭and this one topped last year. From watching Renee drown herself on the bridge to being in the woods snorting Georgia clay on paths naked while people cover their eyes and walk pass 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 It was a ball and the short is even more intense!… when your finding heart shaped plant outlines effortlessly you know the alignment is on point ☝🏿 so with all that being said Thank you @iamreneewatkins for yesterday and all the other things you keep me from doing! x