Costa Rica 2

This is the second visit to Costa Rica! I didnt think i would be back so soon but looks like i’m wandering around the tropical surroundings of Cahuita. It’s a bit more rainy this time around but still just as beautiful. The Why We Do Yoga documentary was the mission on the first tour but this time its more of a second look with a bit more sun and less pressure to feel like i’m getting work done. I will write up a more detailed post with video included but for now ill leave a few photos below.

The green-and-black poison dart frog (Dendrobates auratus), also known as the green-and-black poison arrow frog and with numerous other names, it is a brightly colored member of the order Anura native to Central America and northwestern parts of South America. This species has also been introduced to Hawaii. It is one of the most variable of all poison dart frogs next to Dendrobates tinctorius and some Oophaga spp. It is considered to be of least concern from a conservation standpoint by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


Attempted to grab this little bright spotted frog but luckily I didn’t. After some research I learned that it is in fact poisonous.

Two curious walkers in National Cahuita Park
Reishi mushrooms growing in the wild above working ants

There are some shots that are ritualistic to me. Not that Im capturing a ritual happening in front of me but, a lizard on top of a pole/stick/tree similar to the one you see above always appears right as I begin filming. This isnt the only occurrence Ive been noticing the pattern lately and find it almost as a blueprint to what and how I capture images.

The monkeys keep getting closer and closer everytime I visit. I want to capture a silhouette shot of one against the sun leaping from one branch to another but I may have to climb the trees with them to get that type of perspective. Until then we have to stick with the ground perspective.