Ultra High Dose Psilocybin Experiences

Our guest for this episode, Kilindi Iyi is a martial arts expert, a (medicinal and culinary) mushrooms grower, and a psychedelic activist challenging the status quo with an outspoken, brazen courage. He joins us on the show to discuss his experiences with these ultra-high dose psilocybin experiences, what brought him to explore so deeply, what it’s like to take such a high dose, and what he has gleaned from those experiences about the nature of reality. Most importantly, we talk about what it means to become explorers of the mind by taking entheogens at any dose.

Although much of what we talk about is offers direct insight and wisdom to anyone choosing to explore entheogens, some of it, much like back in Ep.6 with Rak Razam, goes wildly far-out; 30+ dried grams far-out.


  • Why dose this high, what’s it like, and what does it show us about what we are, in reality.
  • Do set and setting even matter anymore?
  • The role, potential, and possibilities available at ultra high doses.
  • The role, potential, and possibilities of entheogens at any dose.
  • How martial arts training influenced Kilindi’s choice to explore entheogens.
  • “The journey of the alone into the alone.”
  • Coming to learn death.
  • Being an explorer on the frontiers of consciousness.
  • Entheogens for exploring deep philosophical questions, such as the nature of consciousness.
  • The nature of reality: simulation theory, quantum entanglement, higher dimensional civilizations, etc.
  • Crystal Technology / Weaponized Crystals
  • Death and the psychedelic dimension.