The Goddess Glo Up NYC Edition

The Goddess Glo Up was amazing to say the least. It was a point during recording I began to think about how intimate and sacred this space truly is. I felt gratitude being allowed to document the healing process that is shared within the group of women that find compassion for each other one moment to the next. The line up was high energy from belly dancing with Maya_louisa, learning about the power of manifestation with ReignGlobal, healing and self love with Hadiiya. We can’t forget about Fab in 15 minutes makeup by Barbie Fab lesson. LoveLeahLeona came through with the deliciousness! The kale salad + smoothie and nutritional information on skin care was helpful. Thank you Hadiiya for allowing me to return to be capture powerful moments of dance, release, healing, compassion, learning, joy and so much more.

Hadiiya Glowing as the radiant Goddess that she is!

Getting a chance to see ladies that attended the first event back for the second edition was great! It shows the true unity and tribe that can be formed from goddess gatherings. One lady even pushed through a leg injury to return to the goddess gathering, goes to show that nothing can stop you from being where you belong.

Everyone was settling down after an intense belly dancing routine with maya! I wish I could of snapped a few shots but the intense action required ALL video! Maya has a voice that lures you into her world of high energy, body movements, and undeniable sensuality with every smile. You will have to wait for the video to get an idea of how that felt! Ill share a screenshot until then. The night before the event I saw Maya do a high leg kick, I asked do you practice capoeira she responded nah thats Brooklyn baby. From that moment I knew she was going to bring that raw energy to the table and it all worked out exactly how I envisioned it would.

BarbieFab giving makeup lessons … Fab in 15. She also introduced her own line of make up. At the first Goddess Gathering Barbie was an attendee, this time around she Glo’d Up and manifested what she set out to do at the first gathering. Watching the progress that is being made through each woman is really inspirational.

It was great seeing Faith! I planned on linking up with her but a trip to D.C was necessary so until next time. Look forward to seeing what we captured for Why we Do Yoga 2. Faith flipped it and actually had me talking about my life which was cool! Throughout the day Leah was watching me intensely as she prepared food.  She let me know in her gentle voice that today wasn’t the best time to take photos of her so I had to sneak my shots in of her.

Throughout the whole day while shooting I knew this was the final shot I wanted to take. I saw the hair the cool shades and said to myself I must capture it all with a smile! I follow Lisa on Instagram and every photo usually has a wonderful lush beach in the background sky blue waters and a wonderful smile! It was great hearing her soothing exciting voice again.

After ReignGlobal shared a series of personal experiences that led to her awakening. The women definitely resonated with the message!  The power of Crystals and setting intention can go beyond what you even imagine capable for yourself. Listening to her share the journey she was and is still on on was like watching a movie unfold right in front of my eyes.

You never know what someone can be facing internally even though on the outside everything looks fine. Everyone reaches out and touches each other to send healing energy to the women who needs it most. As Hadiiya said, there is a set outline but where the energy is required to go that is where it will flow. A mother dealing with injustice and lost of an only son is comforted and given the space to release all emotions that may be holding her back from living as her true free self. The words of encouragement from women in the circle was powerful and from the heart intending to let her know she is not alone in this journey.

All and all the footage and photos came out magnificent!  The vibes were on point just as expected! The next Goddess Glo Up will be taking place in Atlanta. I’m looking forward to seeing more familiar faces at the next event! Details coming soon stay tuned and remain focused!


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