Handwriting Analysis 101

How does handwriting analysis work?

When you write on a paper, your entire personality gets imprinted on the sheet. Everything about it, starting from size, slant, margins, spacing, height, width, pressure, connection, or disconnection, for that matter, reveals something about various aspects of your personality.

For example, a big handwriting, coupled with right slant, shows that the person is extremely outgoing and will do very well professionally in areas such as sales & marketing.

How does handwriting reveal personality?

Handwriting analysts say we are how we write. An expert who knows what is handwriting analysis discovers the personality of a human being just by looking at handwriting. That’s what graphology is all about: the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology.

For example, someone with plenty of sharp and pointed strokes in his handwriting is usually a very aggressive and hostile person.

Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting reveals about you?

Handwriting analysis helps one understand oneself as well as others. It studies the strokes in handwriting, which correlate to a personality trait within the writer. The brain sends message to the hand to form strokes that reveal who we are, how we think, feel and behave and what our likes and dislikes are. When we write, each pen stroke reflects our personality. Handwriting cannot reveal gender or predict future.

What is handwriting analysis used for?

We have heard about the use of handwriting analysis in forensic labs to solve criminal cases. But very people know that the science is used for many purposes, such as personality assessment and finding right candidates for a job. Handwriting analysis can also be used to deal with psychological and emotional issues, determining the compatibility of a couple, and helping people understand their partners.

Does handwriting strokes affect brain?

Yes, handwriting affects the brain as well. In the previous point, I said that when we write, each stroke of the pen reflects our personality. But it does not end there. The strokes not only reflect our personality; they also reinforce it.

For instance, a particular stroke in your handwriting can reveal you are stubborn. If you write that particular stroke very often, you will improve upon your stubbornness.

Handwriting Analysis

What is graphotherapy?

Graphotherapy is a branch of handwriting analysis. You can use your own handwriting to make things better for yourself. It works something like this. Because handwriting originates in the cerebral cortex of the brain, by deliberately changing your handwriting, you can change limiting attitudes and behaviour.

This curative offshoot of graphology is called graphotherapy — a means of making conscious changes in your handwriting in order to bring about desired subconscious changes within yourself. It identifies stumbling blocks that can be easily eliminated by making changes in the handwriting. All one needs to do is to practise the handwriting exercise in a particular way for 30 days. That’s it! (Study of graphotherapy is not covered in the basics of handwriting analysis.)

What is graphotherapy exercise?

A graphotherapy exercise removes self-sabotaging traits and attitudes. It can help you deal with roadblocks, such as lack of concentration, problems in marital relationships, depression, sexual issues and self-esteem problems. If you do handwriting exercises diligently, the science has the power to change your life. And that’s no exaggeration.

I hope this small handwriting analysis quiz has helped you know more about graphology. Now, you know a few things about what is handwriting analysis. If you wish to know what your handwriting says about you, consult a professional graphologist.

Source – WriteChoice