Why We Do Yoga 2 Complete!

Its a wraaaaap kinda… There was one interview that I had to get before I officially felt finish and it was like those scenes in the space movies where you have to get your timing right or you miss the “orbit point”. We attempted to link up 3 times and on the 4th was successful. Surprisingly I didnt even tell Coyia I was in town because of my inconsistent schedule but  she sent me a random message that felt like “I know your here lets link up! and im like how did sheee knooow!” So it was meant to happen.  I’m still looking for Yogis so if your in NY with some time on your hands Let me knoooooooooo, Wheres the yogiiiiis!

In this episode of Why We Do Yoga 2  we are presenting

Unfinished business in Martinique
Costa Rica Equine Therapy Meets Yoga
Wolaba Parade of Limon
Little MsDaisha Adventures
A Moment in Time with Yemojaoshun
Henna & Chill  2 Random Yogis
Faith (fay_doll) Breaks down Yoga through My Life Experiences
PintsizeNurse x Nakeesha Photo Shoot/Discussion
Kemetic Yoga in Harlem
Trap Yoga with Lauren
Lost in the World with Renee Watkins
Maat Petrova Sensual Yoga Flow
Lattaria 9 months and counting

Okay, Im going to write up some illustrious voice overs to narrate your through this journey. This time I tried to include myself a bit more. Not that people were asking me to or anything. Should be done toward the end of this month. Once I complete editing and voiceovers we will begin planning out where and who we definitely would like to capture for the next!