Clouded Ways Bri.Simpson Art Show

Time for the Clouded Ways Art Show! I arrived early to get some behind the scenes setup shots. On the ride over the Uber lady asked if I were going to work. I responded “kinda” though I view taking photographs as work I really was just going to see the art and catch up with some familiars! With that being said the show was dope I scooped up a piece and bounced with a cup or two of wine! It was fun seeing everyone and Im looking forward to more! Left with some inspiration and motivation to finish this painting i’ve been staring at for a week.  Bri also made the big announcement of being 5 months along her pregnancy!

A combination of calm, productivity and relief circulating the room as speakers are tested and the final cloud lights are hung!

Shanice came through with the little one, just as spunky as I remembered from the last encounter.

Parents taking the next step into grandparent hood, celebrate the night with a dance before the dance floor is filled. 

Bri stopped for a second to talk with @InvertTheWorld about the show and idea behind the night!

Twisted cakes came through with the delicious cup cakes that was so good I was more focused on eating them than getting a photo. Ill tag her once I find her IG page. We were brainstorming on making the caramel drips into animals that are placed on top of the cupcakes!

All in all it was fun. Great musical performances from one half of the wonder twins (bri’s sisters) It felt like a family affair! Video coming soon  Peace