9 Year Old Mushroom Farmer: Tiger Mushroom Farms Ohio

Tiger Mushroom Farms is a small Family owned business located in Blacklick, Ohio. We grow Gourmet Shiitake Mushrooms, Yellow Oyster Mushrooms, and Gray Oyster Mushrooms. The company was founded by our 9 year old son when he was just 7. It all started after a cub scout project ended where Te’Lario grew Cat Grass and Basil. He enjoyed his project and wanted to keep growing stuff. It was winter and our family tried to think of things we could grow indoors. Te’Lario came up with the idea to grow mushrooms because as he says it, “Mushrooms can grow in the dark.” Pretty soon we had too many mushroom for us to eat so we decided to sell them at Farmers Markets during the summer. After doing some research we discovered that you have to have several licenses to sell products at Markets. We decided to start a business and called it Tiger Mushroom Farms because Te’Lario was a Tiger Cub Scout when he came up with the idea.

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