The Goddess Glo Up D.C 4.28

The Goddess Glo Up … this time it took place in Washington and I will be calculating uber and lyft rates for future references. On the train to the event I fell asleep and had a dream of the event. I was doing camera moves and everything so when I woke up it felt like I already did it. Either way I knew the 9 hours would go by in a second.  The energy was on point as always! I think the highlight of this one for me was a moment when a lady stepped into the dance circle with tears but it turned to smiles once the love kicked in!  The visual transformation speaks for itself! Shoutout to Reign for tossing me the Tourmaline! I forgot mine at home and now I have a new piece that I really like. California may be up next! I’ll try to coordinate a Hawaii trip around the same time! Time to start planning!

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