Travel: Make it Happen

Written by Assata Nzingha 

Best piece of advice I can give you if you want to leave the US.

Conceive an exit strategy NOW.

My current existence has been in the making in my mind for over 20 years, but logistically for about 1.5 years.

I paid down all my debt, all I have now as far as debt is my vehicle. This was a choice. Whenever I go back to the states I want and deserve to ride nice.

Start working on yourself. This is the most important piece believe it or not.

If you are miserable and complaining in the US, you will do the same in another country. Geography doesn’t change who you are, it only changes your location.

Readjust how you are living, this prepares you for life in another country.

Stop being so attached to people, places, and things. Embrace new changes and environments.

Expand your mind and learn new languages. There are tons of free and paid programs online. YouTube is a great resource as well. This is just a start as immersion into another culture is the best way to learn. I know more Spanish in 3 months than I’ve learned in 10 years.

Start expanding your interests. Get a hobby. Learn a new skill. Really explore who you are and what makes you happy because these are the things you will be doing while living abroad.

GET YOUR PASSPORT. Take action on your dreams and watch The Universe present opportunities to you for travel. Gotta be ready in order to stay ready.

Subscribe to travel websites and blogs, start randomly looking at other countries until you vibe with one you like. Go to YouTube and research scams, currency, things to do, cost of living, etc.

Research your dream like you study and research all these things that keep your attention like cell phones, celebrities, and the latest trends!

Do what a person who plans to live abroad would be doing and you are steps closer to your dreams.

The Universe and God is a supply and demand system that likes to fill voids, present what you want and watch it materialize before your eyes.