Weight Loss Support Group For Children

I still get quite a lot of messages so I thought I’d share her story. Hey everyone this is my daughter Melanie. She has always been a thick baby, but in the last two years she packed on a lot of weight and yes it was my fault. I just didn’t understand or know how to feed her. She is my first child and all I knew is if she was hungry, feed her. Her weight got so bad that she was complaining about being tired just walking, she wheezed trying to breathe normal and snored at bedtime. She also couldn’t keep up with other kids on the playground, showing signs of diabetes and was already getting teased. As a mom I felt so guilty and sorry for her at the same time. I was so determined to help her but I had to do my research. The hardest part of getting her to lose weight was honestly starting. I was so confused with “how”. I tried in the past and failed miserably.

After doing some research I found the book “red light, green light, eat right” written by Joanna Dolgoff a pediatrician that specializes in childhood obesity. From this I was able to calculate her BMI and figured out what an appropriate calorie was for her. (I needed a calorie allowance idea to help me plan her portions.

For her this was 1200 calories. This I broke into meals breakfast (breakfast 300, snack 100, lunch 300, snack 100, dinner 400) sometimes I switch the calories around. This helped alottttt with portions. In the beginning fruits and vegetables were free food… so if she was hungry after a meal I gave fruits/veg. We also did not waste calorie on drink.. so we only did water and flavored water.

Ok so it was time to start: I went through the cupboard and got rid of everything I didn’t want on our plan then I had a conversation with her telling her that we are going to get healthier so we can run faster, play and keep up with other kids, swim better and do gymnastics. I keep saying we because we did it as a family. Everyone ate and drank the same thing…total house support. I went and bought her a water bottle and the plates came in sections. I learned that variety and presentation helps a lot too.

We didn’t hang out in the kitchen because I noticed that she wanted to eat more when she saw the fridge…. OMG did we play and we played alottt!!! This was a main source of exercise… trampoline, park, swimming, gymnastics, scooter, bike, walk, run, water balloon fight, water gun and dart fight… anything to stay active.
I allowed her to cook with me.. I disguise vegetables in food and smoothies as I introduce them to her. Initially we did gummy vitamins to help with the change. Gummy fibers for bowel changes while we work on vegetables intake.

For the vegetables she didn’t like we played games at the dinner table and I would watch her eat vegetables she denied in the past. We made popsicles with flavored water, some with low fat yogurt and fruits. I packed her lunch for school. She did well I’m super proud of her. Everyone in the house loss weight and it didn’t feel like work. Thanks for supporting her. I’ll share more as I think it up.

I created a group to help other kids and we have been having amazing result from other kids.

Feel free to join the facebook group for support: https://www.facebook.com/groups/374254066737508/?ref=share