Psychedelics Today: Quetzalcoatl and the Ceremony of The Deified Heart Tom Lane









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In this episode, Kyle talks with Tom Lane, author of Sacred Mushroom Rituals: The Search for the Blood of Quetzalcoatl. In the episode, they discuss the history of Quetzalcoatl, the ceremony of the deified heart and sacred mushroom rituals.

3 Key Points: Quetzalcoatl is a feathered-serpent deity of ancient Mesoamerican culture that can come to you when partaking in the ceremony of the deified heart. Quetzalcoatl teaches how to overcome fear and hatred and bring love. The ceremony of the deified heart is a sacred mushroom ritual that when methods are combined correctly, can bring about Quetzalcoatl. In the episode, Tom tells intriguing stories of his experiences with mushroom rituals and experiencing Quetzalcoatl, including a ceremony with Maria Sabina.

Show Notes : Quetzalcoatl He was not an Aztec, he originated as a King in the Toltec civilization thousands of years before the Aztecs As legend has it, where his blood fell is where the sacred mushrooms grew Some people believe he was a Naga, a combination flow of energy, a male/female serpent A winged, jeweled, male/female, serpent In the ceremony of the deified heart, the serpent will come to you About Tom He was building geodesic domes in a remote area in Mexico He had some of his first mushroom experiences, and it led him to realize that the story of mushrooms was about Quetzalcoatl His first experience with the mushroom was mild He said the mushrooms found him, he takes them as a sacrament Ceremony of the Deified Heart The legend was that Quetzalcoatl gave cacao to participants as an aphrodisiac and it would help release serotonin The goal is not to talk a lot Then, the mushrooms are to be retrieved from the ground, fresh Before the ceremony, Tom says he likes to put four candles placed in all four directions The key to eating the mushrooms is eating them totally covered with honey You eat them two at a time, as it represents the male and female And when you eat the mushrooms, you actually never swallow You chew and chew and the mucous membranes of your tongue take the psilocin straight to the brain and spine He says once it starts to take effect, it feels like there is a snake up your spine (He mentions his friends call this Kundalini) Then you go out and Quetzalcoatl will come When he comes, he is like a rainbow jeweled serpent, an embodiment of pure light, pure energy, pure love Tom says the next day it feels like you’re 10 years younger Its a pure force of love, an obliteration of the concept of time Quetzalcoatl created this ceremony to bring about the serpent for healing, for a balance of male and female This ceremony is best done during the night, with thunderstorms in the mountains Ceremony with Maria Sabina One night they went to see Maria Sabina She agreed to do a ceremony at night Her house was in the mountains and had a thatched roof with no windows or doors and sometimes clouds would come through her house During a ceremony a lightning bolt came though the house, in one window and out the other Maria’s daughter gave him truffle like mushrooms and he brought them back with him Maria’s daughter really tried to learn his name, she repeated it a multitude of times until she said it exactly perfectly so she could say it during the ceremony Quetzalcoatl Messages God gave us love and pain We have to learn how to celebrate the pain God gave us knowledge, and tools of how to heal the pain Tom’s goal is to teach people how to take the sacred mushrooms to meet Quetzalcoatl and find healing,  love