Blu Magic In Harlem

The pace of patience has been set, the waters calm as we feel each on coming wave effortlessly. Bringing my nose to your ear to be certain you feel the ocean depth of breath. Sexual energy can be an intoxicating trance. Grounding my fingers along the grooves of your spine sprouting roots of pleasure. My hands magnetically sinking into the tightest muscles of your back, loosening with every stroke. Lost in bliss with a high sensitivity level for your tongue. The anticipation, subtle laughter before that 3 degree move you made, I won’t forget. A full body stretch was necessary to subside some of the intensity. A brilliant star experiencing a supernova through the rhythms of your love. The sunrise symbolized a reminder to conserve myself for the day in contrast to ending the night languorously. The New Moon cycles of pleasure are still mysterious, magnetic and majestic.

From the imagination of Harlem Nights in Blu’s Kitchen