Complete Earthbag Tiny House Build

Sept. 7 – 14
Bottom Leaf Intentional Community
near Asheville, NC

During this workshop, we will build an entire house from the ground up. The build will last from five to eight days, depending on how fast it goes. Participants should leave with all of the skills needed to build their own home. Participants will get hands-on experience with earthbag, cob, bottlewall, earthplaster, and more. We will also discuss house design, site selection, roof and foundation types and much, much more!  

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What Is An Earthbag Building?

Earthbag house construction uses bags(often polypropylene grain bags) filled with dirt or other mineral-based materials that are tamped down in place – similar to laying bricks in courses – which creates an incredibly strong and durable wall.

Why build with earthbags? 

Earthbags are a great medium for building strong, versatile, inexpensive structures. They can be used in applications that would be too moist for wood, cob, or strawbale. They can be used to build above and below ground houses, sheds, root cellars, stemwalls, greenhouses, walipinis, freestanding walls, cisterns, spring boxes, storm and emergency shelters, pools, steps, and many, many other things. Earthbags are non-toxic, fireproof, bugproof, moldproof, rotproof, bulletproof, impactproof, and floodproof

Barbed wire between courses keeps bags from slipping and adds tensile strength. The final plastered walls look just like adobe structures.


DIY Earthbag house building is considered to be one of the easiest methods for the average person to build. Even I might have a fighting chance.

Earthbag Modern House @


If building an Earthbag house seems like something you may be interested in, the go to person is Dr. Owen Geiger. His book, Basic Earthbag Building is considered a must have for those who have an interest in DIY Earthbag construction.